Term End Celebration Summer 2017

Another semester has ended. Summer semesters are usually the ones that fly by the fastest. Last Thursday, August 10th, the Department of English Language learning had an event to celebrate the end of the semester. All Level VI students were given certificates that suggested successfully finishing their courses, but not only that; each semester we look for students who made a certain impact or did exclusively well. This summer, Jeongiun Ahn, Elaine Lage Netto Costa, Kenji Matsumoto, Pamphil Iliafa, Gauthier Thibanda and Angkham Kompadith got the World Citizen award; Haeun Choi, Joyce Mistro, Nicole Perez Centeno, Onesimo Dezzeo, Alicia Scott, and Wenxin Zhang got the Best Term Attendance award, and Ivanhoe Marte Tejada, Davyd Harmash, Ayane Marsuda, Lizeth Carreno, Lady Cristal Molina Pinto, and Wenxin (Zoe) Zhang got the best academic achievement achievement. Those special awards could only be given to the best student in each level. The most exciting part was when students showed how talented they are. We would like to thank Lady Cristal and a group from Venezuela for performing a traditional dance for us; Steven Perez and Pivot Ngoy for singing amazingly, and Wenxin Zhang for taking us to the world of classical music. All of the students did great in both academic performance as well as showing their talents. The event went great!