Summer 2017 Barbecue

Summer is a great time; summer is a warmth time, time for rest, fun, and... activities! In other words: it's just GREAT! No time is better to enjoy and appreciate life. Sounds fun, but how can we do that? Answer is simple: find friends, get food, go outside and play games. Sounds a lot like barbecue, isn't it? That is exactly what we decided to do. On June 15 our ESL department had an incredible activity. We went up the Provo canyon to a place called South Park. I'm sure everybody knows that one. It was a very hot day, but even that didn't stop our students from having fun. We played soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, cricket, etc. Some students and faculty grilled meat and sausages under the vise guidance of our Department Chair Brian MacKay and his spouse Shiona. Food was incredible and so were the people that came. We thank our department for such an amazing opportunity and a great time. Our next activity is going to be even more delightful. Who is excited?