Spring 2018 Poster Session

Spring 2018 Poster session 

Our spring 2018 graduates were able to introduce UVU students to some of the global environmental issues. Many of them chose to research and present about current issues in their home countries. They evaluated on such problems as wild fires, coal mining, deforestation, air pollution and many others. The main goal of the poster session was to help international students to address complicated environmental issues, research about them, and be able to present the information to their follow UVU students in a way that would catch their interest, create an awareness and make them to want to focus on sustaining the environment that is safe and harmless, so that our future generations would look into the future without any fear of the possibility of the environmental catastrophe. Students did a very good job on making their posters eye catching, interesting, and focused on chosen topics. They also had a lot of fun meeting and discussing their topics with other students.

Monarch Butterflies do not know borders

The Floating Islands

Science Atrium

Coal Mining in Mongolia

Water Crisis in Cape Town

Wild fires in Chile

Group Picture