Course Description

Learn about local and global environmental issues in your Listening/Speaking, Reading & Vocabulary and Composition classes. Choose a research topic on an environmental issue of interest to you and read, write, and talk about it in your courses.

Capitol Reef Excursion


Students in a slot canyon

Travel to Utah’s beautiful Capitol Reef National Park for 3-4 days where the park will be your classroom! Go on hikes and study the history, geology, and ecology of the park.

Stay in UVU’s Capitol Reef National Park Field Station (CRFS), with views of mesas, imposing Wingate Sandstone cliffs, the striking Henry Mountains, and the babbling of Pleasant Creek nearby. The price of the trip is only $95.00 (includes transportation, food and lodging).

Exterior of the capitol reef field station
man writing in a journal

Be inspired while writing in your Capitol Reef Nature Journals.

Explore geological nooks and crannies formed over millennia.

students in a cranny
students talking with each other

Interact with your classmates and instructors and make friends for life in a place you will never forget!

ELL Research Project Poster Session

Present on your research topic during ELL’s Poster Session for UVU’s Writing for Social Change Conference or Environmental Ethics Conference.

student presenting his research
Group photo with President Tuminez and students

Capitol Reef project-based learning classes are available to Level 6 students each fall and spring semester. For more information, please contact Gayla Amosa, the Coordinator of Student & Faculty Services, or Kevin Eyraud, the ELL Faculty Capitol Reef Lead.

Student Testimonials

Itzayana Asis Nielsen

Itzayana Asis Nielsen

I liked that the assignments in the CRFS class were connected. I connected the ideas and used words and ideas over and over in context. The teachers helped the students and trusted us to do important research topics. I loved nature at Capitol Reef, with no cellphones and no screens. Everyone was talking to each other during all our meals. The class and the projects gave me confidence. My project even helped to change people’s actions.

Reza Muradi

Reza Muradi

I learned about geology, pioneers, how to view nature from a different perspective, which taught me life lessons. I learned about solar power, trombe walls, water conservation, and recycling while staying at the Field Station. I also learned how to survive without social media!! I learned from the assignments we did both on the trail and also at the field station. My teachers helped us learn English in a way that really prepared us for college, from English writing and reading to pronunciation and grammar. When I am doing my homework for my classes, I still remember what I learned in ELL and apply those strategies to my current studies. The things I learned from my ELL teachers and classes were really so helpful. College would be a lot harder for us without those experiences.