Our Mission

To continually enhance interactions between students and the Program of English Language Learning, the council will establish an environment where ELL students can adequately assimilate into a multi-cultural program, confidently comprehend the English language and American culture, and enthusiastically engage with instructors and students alike

Student Council Advisor

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Gayla Amosa has been with the ELL Program for seven out of her twenty-seven years in education. She is an experienced leader whose care and dedication makes her an invaluable asset for ELL students on campus.

Our Student Council

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What We Do

The ELL Student Council consists of current ELL students who are committed to help their peers and improve their overall experience in their journey through the ELL program. During their elected term, student council members organize and host various activities, mentor other ELL students with their academic success, and maintain a friendly, supportive atmosphere within the program.

Join Our Team

Requirements: Attended at least one semester of ELL courses at UVU Attained a GPA of 3.0 or above, while taking 18 credits of classes (15 for resident students), Attitude of diligently helping students, Maintain legal status (F-1) in the United States if international student.
If applying: Students must be going into Level 3, Level 4, or Level 5, Commit to at least two semesters in student council.

Fall Semester

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Application Deadline: July 25th
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Spring Semester

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Application Deadline: December 2nd
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Summer Semester

Application Deadline: March 25th
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