Student Resources

Tutoring and Academics general guide to all of your tutoring needs. geared towards helping you with all aspects of your writing assignments. and tricks to study more effectively and more efficiently. open lab that offers help with all aspects of math.

Second region (Section 1)

Third region (Section 1)

Advising and Campus Resources go to road map for multiple resources online and on campus. text books to personal interests, the library helps you find the books and resources you need. basic map to the UVU campus. for your Parking needs at UVU help knowing what classes to take for your major, or what major is the best to help you achieve your goals, the advising center can help you with all of that. basic guide to all Academic Departments to help you choose a major. you find information about different majors and their requirements. necessary tool for your education here at UVU.

Section region (Section 2)

Third region (Section 2)

Career and Financial Help Resident Students) -“Need a break?” You can take a leave of absence and just put things on hold till you come back. Resident Students)-TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded program designed to support and encourage degree-seeking students who need academic assistance. TRIO supports students who are first-generation, low-income, and students with a disability in accordance with federal guidelines. We promote student development by providing opportunities to grow personally, socially, and academically. Women's Success Center provides support, leadership, coaching, and advocacy for students. ideas for your future? This is a collection of listed careers that UVU can help you prepare for. Resident Students) -If you need help paying for school, you can find help with financial aid here. help finding a job or starting on a career path, you can find all sorts of resources with the Career Development Center. to find internships. for those without the means to purchase it.
● to find housing near campus.
● for managing your money.
● scholarships for international students.

Second Region (Section 3)

Third Region (Section 3)

Wellness and Getting Involved you want to learn how to have fun, make friends, and participate on campus, visit this site. people with similar interests, make friends, and have fun.  Clubs can help you find all of that.'s guide to all of the recreational resources it has available.  As a UVU student you have free access to the gym. guide to the resources UVU has to help students physically and mentally. safe place to learn about diversity and other issues through workshops and activities. program to place you in leadership positions and have mentors to help you learn and grow. opportunities for everyone. and support for students from diverse backgrounds. you want to learn how to help others and be with others with the same goals, social impact will help you find that outlet. for any student health emergency (Campus Police number -5555) there are any special needs, they can help. list of the clinic services that are available at a reduced cost to UVU students.  Many services are cheaper than an insurance copay.  No insurance is required. offers mental health services at a reduced cost for students. The cost of Individual therapy or couples therapy is only $10.00 for UVU students taking at least 9 credits. has many wellness programs such as Nutrition Strategies, Tobacco Cessation, Stress Less, Keys to Happiness, Healthy Relationships, Sleep Session, Physical Fitness Programs, etc. at low to no cost for UVU students. OMBUDS office helps with student conflict resolution. They can help resolve conflicts with roommates, landlords, and assist with maintaining student rights on campus.

Second Region (Section 4)

Third Region (Section 4)