Mission Statement

The Mission of the Engineering Technology Department is to prepare graduates to work in high demand, very technical, vastly diverse, automated industries that provide products and services to keep our state and national economy running.

The Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology graduates keep industry running by fixing, adapting, programming, and maintaining the automated machines and systems used in industry.

Checklist in order to enroll in EART classes:

  1. Apply to UVU as an undergraduate
  2. The only Prereq for EART is MATH 1010. If you don't know what math you are in, look into the UVU math placement test.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the EART advisor Chelsey Chalk. She can help you set up your graduation plan as well as change you in the system to a declared EART major.
  4. Enroll in First Semester Classes



Save Time

Get your associates degree in 2-years, while balancing your work and lifestyle.



Go to UVU Scholarships for more information. EART does have a few scholarships that are only for EART students

For additional information, please contact the Engineering Technology Admin


Technical Expertise

All EART faculty have worked in industry and continue to work in industry to stay current with technololgy and practices