2024 Kirk Englehardt
Business Ethics Award & Lecture

Sara Jones Portrait

"Facing the Storm: Ethical Business Leadership in an Era of DEI Controversy"

Sara Jones

Sara Jones is CEO of InclusionPro. Her approach to diversity in the workplace is distinct from traditional models through actively involving leaders in the conversation and guiding them in the art of inclusion across industries. Jones has advocated for greater diversity in companies at all levels throughout her career
Wednesday, February 7th
12:00 - 12:50 p.m.
UVU Clarke Building (CB-511)


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About the award

The annual Kirk Englehardt Business Ethics Award honors an individual who demonstrates a continual dedication to ethics through their business practices and community service.

The event is co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Ethics and the Woodbury School of Business.

The award is among the longest-running business ethics designations in the country. 

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Past Recipients

photo of Mark H. Arstein
Patricia Jones
CEO, Women's Leadership Institute

Patricia Jones
CEO, Women's Leadership Institute

Jones was tapped as CEO because of her background and expertise in the business and political worlds as well as her ability to engage, collaborate and lead.

As co-founder and former President of Dan Jones & Associates, a successful public opinion and market research firm for 35 years, Jones helped lead and manage the company while serving on numerous community and company boards. Jones is an experienced and highly-regarded researcher, specializing in qualitative research, having conducted hundreds of focus groups throughout the country for a variety of industries since 1980.

Senator Jones served in the Utah Legislature for 14 years, serving in leadership positions 12 of those years. She was a member of the Utah House of Representatives from 2000-2006 and was elected to the Utah Senate in 2006-2014, serving eight years there, including serving as the first female leader in either party and in either House. While in the Utah Legislature, Jones was a member of various committees, including Public Education, Higher Education, Health and Human Services, Judiciary, Economic Development, Law Enforcement, Government Operations and Executive Appropriations.

A University of Utah graduate in Communications (magna cum laude), Jones currently serves on the Utah Board of Regents, National Education Association Foundation Board, the Salt Lake Chamber Executive Board, Zions Bank Advisory Board, Chair of Intermountain Healthcare Community Care Foundation, Dominion Energy Advisory Board, Chair of Governor’s Education Excellence Commission, Silicon Slopes Board, Chair of Mental Health Working Group for the Board of Regents, a Commissioner on the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education, Garff Foundation Success in Education Board, Utah Commission on Financial and Economic Education, and on the National Advisory Board of the University of Utah School of Dentistry.

photo of Peter Jarman
Scott M. Smith
Co-Founder, Qualtrics

Scott M. Smith
Co-Founder, Qualtrics

It would take the statistical capabilities of a cutting-edge company like Qualtrics to measure all of Scott M. Smith’s accomplishments. It’s lucky, then, that Smith co-founded that company, run by two of his sons and recently sold to SAP for $8 billion. Following a PhD at Penn State he pursued an academic career in the BYU Marriott School of Management for more than 30 years, during which his books and publications on marketing and statistics became seminal, oft-cited works. He’s been a Fulbright Scholar in Moldova and received awards for his articles, papers, and research. However, Smith’s service extends beyond academia. He and his wife, Karen, have served missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hong Kong and Jerusalem, where they coordinated humanitarian services, and have been ordinance workers in the Provo and Hong Kong temples. Smith is a member of the Board of Trustees at Utah Valley University and a supporter of the Huntsman Cancer Center, UVU, and BYU. Together he and Karen have nine children, 30 grandchildren, and one great grandchild.

Lecture Video

photo of Duane Madsen
A. Scott Anderson
President & CEO, 
Zions Bank

A. Scott Anderson
President & CEO, Zions Bank

A. Scott Anderson is president and chief executive officer of Zions Bank. Zions Bank is Utah's oldest financial institution and is the only local bank with a statewide distribution of local branches.

Zions Bank operates locations in communities throughout Utah and Idaho. In addition to a wide range of traditional banking services, Zions offers a comprehensive array of investment, mortgage, and insurance services and has a network of loan origination offices for small businesses nationwide. Founded in 1873, Zions Bank has been serving the communities of the Intermountain West for more than 140 years.

A native of Salt Lake City, Anderson joined Zions Bank in December of 1990.

Anderson received a bachelor's degree in philosophy and economics from Columbia University in New York. He also received a master's degree in economics and international studies from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Active in community affairs, Anderson currently serves on a number of business and nonprofit boards.

photo of Jeff Moss
Gail Miller
Owner & Chairwoman,
Larry H. Miller Group

Gail Miller
Owner & Chairwoman, Larry H. Miller Group

Gail Miller is the owner and past chair of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, which began with a single Toyota store in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has grown to over 80 businesses with more than 60 dealerships in seven western states.

Gail works hard at enriching lives and giving back to the communities in which the Larry H. Miller Group conducts business. She gives freely of her time and is involved in many business and civic and educational activities over a large geographic area. Some of those commitments include serving as the chair of the Board of Trustees of Intermountain Healthcare, as a member of the Zions Bank advisory and Shelter the Homeless boards and co-chairing the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute’s Advisory Board. She is the author of the book Courage to Be You: Inspiring Lessons from an Unexpected Journey. Gail has been recognized with a number of public honors, including the Salt Lake Chamber’s highest honor, A Giant in Our City, and the Congressional Award Foundation’s prestigious Horizon Award. She also has five honorary doctorate degrees.

The Miller family has created a strong legacy of enriching lives and giving back to the communities in which they do business. Gail presides over the Larry H. Miller Education Foundation and the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation, which support a wide range of charitable, educational, and humanitarian causes.

In 2012, Gail married Kim Wilson. Kim is an emeritus attorney with Snow, Christensen & Martineau, one of Utah’s traditional law firms, organized in 1886, where he practiced law for 46 years. He is co-founder and chair of the Ensign Peak Foundation, formerly the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation. He is also a member of the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera Board of Trustees, the Salt Lake Community College Board of Trustees, the Clark Planetarium Advisory Board, and the Days of ’47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo Executive Committee, and he is involved in a number of other civic causes and endeavors. Kim earned both his bachelor’s degree in political science and Juris Doctor degree from the University of Utah.

Gail and Kim enjoy traveling, history, serving others, and spending time with their large family. They make their home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

photo of Marlo M. Oaks
Tim Ballard
Founder & CEO,
Operation Underground Railroad

Tim Ballard
Founder & CEO, Operation Underground Railroad

Timothy Ballard is the Founder and President of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). He is also the CEO of The Nazarene Fund which seeks to save oppressed religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East. Ballard spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

He has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings. Ballard has worked undercover in the United States and in multiple foreign countries to infiltrate child trafficking organizations. In this effort, he has successfully dismantled dozens of these organizations and rescued countless children from slavery and exploitation. He is an expert at managing Internet investigations, particularly those dealing with file-share networks where pedophiles and traffickers go to trade child sexual abuse material (CSAM). He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and has testified before the United States Congress on best practices to liberate children from sex slavery.

In 2013, Ballard and a team of former government operatives left their careers to go about the work of saving children as a private foundation, Operation Underground Railroad.

After serving a church mission to Chile, Ballard graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Spanish and Political Science from Brigham Young University. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with an MA in International Politics from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. He resides in California with his wife and children.

Robert Grow
Robert Grow
President & CEO,
Envision Utah

Robert Grow
Owner & Chairwoman, Larry H. Miller Group

Grow holds degrees in engineering and law from the University of Utah and the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. His diverse career includes practicing law, leading a large manufacturing company, chairing a national trade association, leading and supporting regional visioning processes, and more.

Beginning in the late 1990s, Grow became the founding chair of Envision Utah and the primary architect of Envision Utah's collaborative, values-based approach to creating a long-range plan for the future of Utah. This unique “visioning” process empowered Utah residents and civic leaders to make well-informed choices about the future with a focus not just on their own quality of life, but on the quality of life they were creating for future generations. From 1997 to 1999, Envision Utah conducted public values research, held over 200 workshops, and surveyed more than 20,000 residents in this process.

“We heard a common dream: safe, close-knit communities; opportunities for our children; time to do what matters most; and the security of a good job,” said Grow. To achieve the public’s aspirations, Envision Utah created the Quality Growth Strategy, which provides voluntary, locally implemented market-based solutions. Said Grow, “It’s a strategy developed by the people of Utah to make our lives better – that provides more choices for how we, and the next generation, would like to live.”

Since initiating the Quality Growth Strategy, Envision Utah has partnered with many communities in Utah to help create a vision for the future on a smaller scale. Envision Utah’s process has also been emulated by more than 80 metropolitan regions of the United States. Grow has led the visioning teams for San Diego; Laie, Hawaii; and the 175,000-acre Superstition Vistas property in Arizona. He also played a significant role in creating Southern Louisiana’s vision for rebuilding after the devastation caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Grow’s expertise spearheaded the strategy for dealing with the full spectrum of legal and other issues relating to development of Kennecott Land Company's 4,000-acre Daybreak Community, a national model for the creation of sustainable communities. For his role in helping shape the strategy to build the Wasatch Front’s public transportation system, including TRAX and FrontRunner, Grow received the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Distinguished Service Award in October 2003.

Grow has been pointing the future again for the past three years as he’s led Envision Utah to complete the largest and most innovative public visioning effort ever undertaken. The Your Utah, Your Future project gathered input from more than 52,000 Utahns to create a vision for Utah in 2050 across 11 different topics.

Throughout Grow’s career, he has focused on bringing people together to listen to their views and come to a common understanding. This is exemplified in his work with Envision Utah.

photo of Peter and Nicole Mouskondis
Peter & Nicole Mouskondis
Owners, Nicholas & Company

Peter & Nicole Mouskondis
Owners, Nicholas & Company

Nicholas and Company opened its doors in 1939, over 75 years ago with Peter’s grandfather Nicholas at the helm, followed by his father, William (Bill) Mouskondis. They’ve been steadily delivering the highest quality products and services in the foodservice industry ever since. With 10,000 products and a seven-state territory, it is clear that their Greek passion and “philotomo” (love of honor) is the driving force in how they run their family business. In a time when statistics reveal that less than three percent of family businesses will continue into a fourth generation, Nicholas and Company is definitely unique.

The Mouskondis’ take pride in providing personalized foodservice, understanding there is a lot to consider when choosing a partner in food distribution. Their mission is to customize solutions for their clients, recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, and every client has vastly different needs. But one rule of thumb they apply to everyone is “philotomo” – literally the “love of honor” “the inclination to do good” or “love for family, community and country.”  

Co-CEO, Nicole Mouskondis, leads the company charge for teaching by example “servant leadership,” as well as creating an atmosphere of true family, a rare legacy in the 21st century. Team members, customers and suppliers alike are invested in “philotomo” and keeping the family name above reproach. 

photo of Jeff Moss
Mary Crafts-Homer
CEO and Owner,
Culinary Crafts

Mary Crafts-Homer
CEO and Owner, Culinary Crafts

Mary Crafts is…quite simply…. a living legend. From humble beginnings and dire circumstances, she invested blood, sweat and countless tears into building what would become the most celebrated catering company in Utah.

That multi-million-dollar empire became the launching pad for so much more. Today, Mary has handed the reins of her catering empire to her incredibly gifted children who have taken her company to the next level, while Mary turns her attention to helping others build their dreams.
Whether those dreams are centered around business, family or personal growth, Mary is ready to engage her expertise, assets, and energy into helping others build and grow!

photo of Peter Metcalf
Peter Metcalf
CEO and President,
Black Diamond Equipment

Peter Metcalf
CEO and President, Black Diamond

Peter Metcalf is the CEO/president of Black Diamond Equipment, a company he co-founded in 1989 in Ventura, California, and moved to Utah in 1991. Since his founding of Black Diamond, Peter has been named Small Business Person of the Year from Utah and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2002, Utah), among other awards and recognition.

Prior to Black Diamond’s founding, Peter worked in marketing/sales management at the Patagonia/Lost Arrow Corporation. In earlier years, he was a Colorado Outward Bound Instructor, an oil-Tield roughneck and a climbing guide/climbing bum. Peter is recognized as one of the pioneer alpinists of Alaska in the 1970s and early 80s and has established technical Tirst ascents globally. He lives in Park City with his wife and three children. When not working Peter enjoys climbing, mountaineering, skiing, trail running, mountain biking and trying to make a difference.

photo of Omar Kader
Omar Kader
Founder and Chairman,

Omar Kader
Founder & Chairman, Pal-Tech

Dr. Kader, a US Army veteran, is the founder of Paltech, a professional services firm specializing in training, technical assistance, instructional systems and program management. Paltech has provided reliable e-learning services to U.S. government agencies including: Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Dr. Kader is active in international affairs and previously served as the Executive Director of two non-governmental organizations in Washington. He also served as a member of the U.S. Delegation observing and monitoring democratic elections worldwide. He has provided expert commentary to news organizations (BBC, Washington Post, CNN) and teaches an annual foreign policy seminar on unfolding political and international development issues. In 2004, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities by Weber State University.

photo of Jeff Moss
Timothy P. Stratford
Assistant U.S. Representative
for China Affairs

Timothy p. Stratford
Assistant U.S. Representative for China Affairs

Tim Stratford is the Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for China Affairs at the Office of the United States Trade Representative.  He is responsible for developing and implementing U.S. trade policy toward Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia.

Through September 2005, Mr. Stratford served as General Counsel for General Motors' China operations, where he was a member of GM's senior management team in China, overseeing the company’s legal and trade policy work in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Before that, he was a partner in the Beijing office of Coudert Brothers, a New York City-based international law firm (1995-1998), president of the Taiwan Taichung Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1992-1995), Minister-Counselor for Commercial Affairs – and before that, Commercial Attache – at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing (1988-1992), and associate attorney at the Paul Weiss law firm in its Beijing and Hong Kong offices (1983-87).

Mr. Stratford earned his law degree at the Harvard Law School and has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and Chinese from Brigham Young University.  From 2000-2001, Stratford served as Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China.  He is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese

photo of Dave Ulrich
Dave Ulrich
Professor of Business,
University of Michigan and
Co Founder,
RBL Group

Dave Ulrich
Professor fo Business, University of Michigan and
Co-Founder, RBL Group

Dave Ulrich is the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at the RBL Group (https://www.rbl.net) a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. He has published over 200 articles and book chapters and over 30 books. He edited Human Resource Management 1990-1999, served on editorial board of 4 Journal and on the Board of Directors for Herman Miller (16 years), has spoken to large audiences in 90 countries; performed workshops for over half of the Fortune 200; coached successful business leaders, and is a Distinguished Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources. He is known for continually learning, turning complex ideas into simple solutions, and creating real value to those he works with in three fields.

photo of Orin R. Woodbury
Orin Richards Woodbury
Former President & CEO,
Woodbury Corporation

Orin R. Woodbury
Former President & CEO, Woodbury Corporation

Orin R. Woodbury worked closely with his father and brother to help Woodbury Corporation and related companies grow and prosper.

Orin enlisted in the Navy during WWII and served as a Naval Aviator and flight instructor. Upon his return to civilian life in Salt Lake, Orin began his career as a loan officer for Home Benefit Building Society, obtained his Real Estate License, worked for Woodbury Corporation, and founded Practical Building Company, a residential construction business. His keen knowledge of development and construction management was crucial as he later served as Vice President of Construction loans for Richards Woodbury Mortgage, where he later served as President and Chairman of the Board until it was sold in 1985. Known for his strong work ethic, Orin also took on role of Chief Controller and Treasurer of Woodbury Corporation in 1970. For over forty years, Orin oversaw all accounting and tax matters for the organization and served in the capacities of Vice-Chairman, and Chairman of the Board of Woodbury Corporation continued working full time until his death in 2017 at age 95.

In addition to his distinguished professional career, Mr. Woodbury served as a Mission President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Hawaii, on the Church Correlation Committee, the Church Real Estate Investment Committee, and for thirty-three years on the Board of Directors of the Deseret Trust Company. Orin served for a time as Vice President for Support Services in the Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts of America and was awarded the Silver Beaver. His generosity provided the means for many individuals to pursue educational opportunities at multiple institutions. Utah Valley University awarded him an honorary Doctorate degree in 2004 and he was a major supporter of UVU’s Woodbury School of Business.

photo of Jeanette Lynton
Jeanette Lynton,
Founder & CEO, 
Close to My Heart Corporation

Jeanette Lynton
Founder & CEO, Close to My Heart Corporation

For more than 30 years, founder and CEO Jeanette Lynton has been a leader in the industry, making many significant contributions to these arts, and making Close To My Heart a premier resource for individuals wishing to enhance their artistic talents and pursue a successful business opportunity. Close To My Heart’s Independent Makers enjoy a generous compensation plan, which rewards them for promoting our innovative and beautiful products to help every crafter celebrate relationships, share memories, and preserve the moments that matter most.

photo of Joel C. Peterson
Joel C. Peterson
Lecturer in Business,
Stanford University

Joel C. Peterson
Chairman, Hoover Institute Stanford University 

Joel is the Chairman of the Board of Overseers at the Hoover Institution at Stanford, as well as the Chairman of the Board at JetBlue Airways. He has served on more than three dozen boards over the past 45 years, most notable among them being The Dallas Market Center, Texas Commerce Bank (Dallas), and Asurion. He currently serves on the boards of Franklin Covey and Packsize.    

Joel is also the Founding Partner and Chairman of Peterson Partners, a Salt Lake City-based investment management firm with $1 billion under management. Peterson Partners has invested in over 200 companies through 13 funds in four primary asset classes: growth-oriented private equity, venture capital, real estate, and search funds.

Prior to Stanford Business School and founding Peterson Partners, Joel was Chief Executive Officer of Trammell Crow Company, then the world’s largest private commercial real estate development firm.  Joel earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, where he was valedictorian and student body president.

Joel has been awarded the 2005 Distinguished Teaching Award and the 2016 Robert K. Jaundice Silver Apple Award at the GSB.

He and his wife, Diana, have been married for over 45 years and have 7 children and 25 grandchildren.

photo of Kim Clark
Kim Clark
BYU Idaho

Kim B. Clark
President, BYU Idaho

Kim B. Clark became the 15th president of Brigham Young University-Idaho in August 2005.  From April 2007 through April 2014, he served as a member of the Fifth Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

President Clark was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and raised in Spokane, Washington. After serving as a missionary for the Church in Germany, he married his wife, Sue, in 1971.  President Clark earned bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees in economics from Harvard University

In 1978 President Clark became a member of the faculty at the Harvard Business School and was named the dean of the school in 1995.  He served in that capacity until he became president of BYU-Idaho in 2005.

Elder Clark was sustained as a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 4, 2015. He left his position at BYU-Idaho effective April 10, 2015.

President Clark and his wife, Sue, are the parents of 7 children.

photo of Patricia Werhane
Patricia Werhane
Ruffin Professor of Business Ethics, 
Universify of Virginia

Patricia Werhane
Ruffin Professor of Business Ethics, University of Virginia

Patricia H. Werhane, professor emeritus, was formerly the Ruffin Professor of Business Ethics at Darden. She now holds a joint appointment at Darden and at DePaul University, where she is Wicklander Chair in Business Ethics and director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics. She is a senior fellow at the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at Darden.

A prolific author whose works include Moral Imagination and Management Decision-Making and Organization Ethics for Health Care, Werhane is an acclaimed authority on employee rights in the workplace, one of the leading scholars on Adam Smith and founder and former editor-in-chief of Business Ethics Quarterly, the leading journal of business ethics. She was a founding member and past president of the Society for Business Ethics and, in 2001, was elected to the executive committee of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. Before joining the Darden faculty in 1993, Werhane served on the faculty of Loyola University Chicago and was a Rockefeller Fellow at Dartmouth College. She was a visiting scholar at Cambridge University and the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her latest book is Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience with Cambridge University Press.