2022 David R. Keller Environmental Ethics Symposium

Mending Torn Relations: The Ethics of Environmental Restoration

October 26th, 9am-1pm
Clarke Building, Room 511

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Join us in awarding HEAL Utah the David R. Keller Sustainability Prize, along with four speaker sessions and a colloquium with Dr. Marion Hourdequin.


For this symposium we would like to explore the nature and ethics of ecological restoration. Restoration would be understood broadly as reestablishing community and being in good relations. This could refer to restoring ecological relations within natural systems, but also to restoring good relations between humans and nature and indeed among humans insofar as those relations impact the natural world.

Schedule of Events 


Tuesday, October 25th


1:00 to
2:00 p.m.



David R. Keller Sustainability Prize

The Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah (HEAL Utah) promotes renewable energy and clean air and protects public health and the environment from dirty, toxic, and nuclear energy threats. HEAL brings decades of experience in grassroots advocacy, science-based policymaking, and coalition building to support environmental justice for all communities and environments to flourish.

Since 1999, HEAL has filled an essential role in Utah, addressing serious environmental and public health issues in local communities and at the state level. In that time, we have expanded our capacity to bring our programs and campaigns to the most impacted communities across Utah. Our staff and board are subject matter experts on a range of environmental and public health issues, and we bring an effective, evidence-based approach to improving environmental health outcomes.

Through this organizing and coalition building, HEAL engages Utahns in civic and public processes to address environmental threats. HEAL’s policy team works with legislators, local representatives, communities, businesses, and other organizations to implement programs that support a healthy, sustainable, and just future for Utah.


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Wednesday, October 26th


9:00 to
9:50 a.m.



Panel Discussion
Center for the Study of Ethics
Building Partnerships and Restoring Public Lands

Dr. Michael Stevens, Professor of Biology and Director of Capitol Reef Field Station, UVU

Dr. Joshua Lenart, Associate Instructor, CLEAR Program, College of Engineering at University of Utah

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10:00 to
10:50 a.m.



Panel Discussion
Center for the Study of Ethics
Native American Perspectives on Restoration


11:00 to
11:50 a.m.



Keynote Address
Center for the Study of Ethics
Ethics and Ecological Restoration
From Faking Nature to Relational Repair
Marion Hourdequin


Dr. Marion Hourdequin

Dr. Marion Hourdequin is a Professor of Philosophy at Colorado College (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA). Her work centers in environmental philosophy, ethics, comparative philosophy, and philosophy of science, with a focus on climate ethics, climate justice, intergenerational ethics, and relational approaches to ethics.


Professor Hourdequin is the author of Environmental Ethics: From Theory to Practice (Bloomsbury) and co-editor, with David Havlick, of Restoring Layered Landscapes (Oxford). She serves as President of the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) and as an Associate Editor for Environmental Ethics.

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12:00 to
12:50 p.m.



Panel Discussion
Center for the Study of Ethics
Muddy Reflections
How We Lost Our Way Restoring Utah's Most Misunderstood Lake
Dr. Ben Abbott with his son on his shoulders.


Dr. Ben Abbott

Ben is a professor of environmental science and sustainability at Brigham Young University. He works on renewable energy, climate feedbacks, aquatic ecosystems, wildfire, and air quality. He is particularly interested in science communication and improving our commitment to environmental stewardship. He and his wife Rachel have four children who take after them in their love of animals, TV, and biking.

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2:30 to
3:30 p.m.



Department of Philosophy and Humanities
Climate Change and Intergenerational Ethics
The Challenge of Moral Ambivalence

Dr. Marion Hourdequin, Professor of Philosophy, Colorado College

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For more information, contact Courtney Burns at courtney.burns@uvu.edu