2024 Student Ethics Symposium
"Ethical Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence"

Monday, April 1st, 2024 
UVU Clarke Building, Room 511

The Center for the Study of Ethics is accepting proposals for the 2024 Student Ethics Symposium on Monday, April 1st, 2024. Our orienting theme this year is entitled “Ethical Dimensions of Artificial Intelligence.” This is an interdisciplinary symposium that invites proposals from a variety of academic disciplines. Artificial intelligence is among the most compelling and timely ethical challenges. Our aim is to feature undergraduate student research on questions surrounding AI including:

  • What are the most compelling benefits of AI?
  • How can unintended consequences of AI be avoided?
  • How does AI affect the acquisition of information?
  • What impact does AI have on employment and the economy?
  • How might AI pose a danger to civil discourse?


The application form requires basic contact information and 200-300 word description of the project.  
Application Deadine: February 16, 2024. 

application form

For more information, contact Courtney Burns at courtney.burns@uvu.edu .