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EverGREEN Ambassador Program


The EverGREEN Ambassador Program is an invitation to all to serve as an extension of our Institutional Advancement Strategic Engagement team. In your role as an EverGREEN Ambassador, you will be an “insider” and receive information related to events and special ambassador-related activities. We are thrilled to welcome you!


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What is Expected of EverGREEN Ambassadors?

Once a month, we will provide you with an update to share with your followers on selected social media channels. We’ll ask you to share suggested posts on your platform to help us educate and inform your contacts about UVU and the important role it plays in higher education. Please feel free to personalize the post so that it is authentic to your voice; we will simply provide you with a set of recommended suggestions in terms of content. Once the content is posted, look for a little “thank you” each month for your support and commitment to UVU.


Have a particular question? Feel free to reach out to Christie Denniston, Associate Vice President of Strategic Engagement or Julie Anderson, UVU Director of Foundation and Division Operations.


If you are on campus and interested in serving at events or activities, please contact Vicky Hooper, Director of Annual Giving or Shaun Singh, Assistant Director - Leadership Annual Giving. Thank you for your commitment to UVU.

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Join us as we embark on a journey to forever change the trajectories of students, industries, the state of Utah, and beyond.