Please download and refer to the style guide for proper usage of campaign marks, graphics, fonts, colors, and other materials provided below.

Download the EverGREEN Style Guide PDF   

Campaign Mark

The campaign mark is used to distinguish marketing materials for the EverGREEN campaign. In text, the campaign name will always be stylized as “EverGREEN” to maintain consistency.

Please reference the style guide for information on usage of the primary and secondary marks, clear space requirements, and single-color usage.


campaign mark

lock up image


Lockups provide a personalized mark for each fundraising area, helping to reach various audiences. You can request access to your area’s mark by contacting Lindsay Watson.


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Use the UVU green palette on campaign materials. In addition to these, a new, darker green has been approved for use in this campaign to replace black in backgrounds.


Pantone 7483 C


RGB (36, 93, 56)

CMYK (83, 39, 88, 34)



RGB (255, 255, 255)

CMYK (0, 0, 0, 0)



RGB (0, 0, 0)

CMYK (0, 0, 0, 100)

Pantone 5535 C


RGB (19, 47, 25)

CMYK (81, 52, 86, 68)

Pantone 348 C


RGB (3, 132, 66)

CMYK (88, 24, 100, 10)

Pantone 7738 C


RGB (72, 162, 71)

CMYK (75, 12, 100, 1)

Pantone 368 C


RGB (120, 190, 67)

CMYK (58, 1, 100, 0)

Pantone 374 C


RGB (197, 220, 111)

CMYK (26, 0, 72, 0)

typography inspirations


In addition to Stratum 1, the primary university font, the EverGREEN campaign introduces a new serif typeface, Adelbrook. Request access to our university license to use Adelbrook by emailing Institutional Advancement Assistant Art Director Lindsay Watson at [email protected].

In text-heavy, multi-page documents, drop caps made from Stratum 1 should be used to denote the start of sections. There should be no more than one per spread. These are only approved for use as drop caps in print designs.

For web and presentations, Rajdhani is the selected alternative for Stratum 1, and PT Serif is the alternative for Adelbrook. Please reference the style guide for more font guidelines and details.



The patterns for the campaign are inspired by stained glass. In addition to other branding elements, they visually distinguish the campaign from other UVU materials.

  • Architectural Mosaic: Inspired by UVU modular buildings, the architectural mosaic pattern is a flattened interpretation of stained glass.
  • Fractal Mosaic: Referencing the shapes of the campaign mark, the fractal mosaic will always be split in half.
  • Leaf Mosaic: Built from simple geometric forms, this mosaic breaks from the straight lines of the others.

mosaic pattern example

style guide photography


Throughout the campaign materials, it is recommended that a mix of historic and contemporary photos are used. This shows both the university’s enormous growth and unwavering consistency.

When using the historic images in projects, the following credit line MUST be used: “Photographs property of Fulton Library’s George Sutherland Archives.”



The campaign PowerPoint template is provided as a resource to reflect the UVU brand and EverGREEN campaign, create consistency, and enhance professionalism.


style guide presentation