Donors Support Student Success in Center for Constitutional Studies

Donors Support Student Success in Center for Constitutional Studies

APRIL 14, 2023|  By Heather Bergeson


Bryan and Angela Wood have been key supporters of the Utah Valley University (UVU) Center for Constitutional Studies (CCS) since 2014. At that time, they established the Eric Zachary Wood Assistantship, named in honor of their late son.


The Woods’ most recent donation, totaling just more than $1 million, will be used to support the Eric Zachary Wood Assistantship, the Eric Zachary Wood Scholarship Fund, and other center needs.


The Woods’ generous gift allows the Center for Constitutional Studies to offer the Wood Assistantship to UVU students who demonstrate an aptitude and desire to expand and grow their knowledge. These prestigious, paid positions allow assistants to receive valuable mentoring, assist with CCS programs, and gain research experience.


Bryan Wood is a UVU alumnus, having graduated with a degree in business management in 1999. Giving back to UVU has been profoundly meaningful to him and Angela.


“UVU's Center for Constitutional Studies has a special place in our hearts,” they said. “We had no idea what an amazing experience it would be getting to know Dr. Rick Griffin and Dr. Rodney Smith from CCS, Dr. Nicholas Cole from Oxford University, and the current staff and students involved in the center. The students continue to renew our commitment to the center by standing out in all the endeavors they tackle related to the national and state constitutions they work with. We've tried to honor our son's memory by giving to the center in his name.”