Finding A Path at UVU

Finding A Path at UVU

MARCH 21, 2023|  By Heather Bergeson


Kylee Sites ’19 wanted to attend college since a young age, but as a first-generation student, trying to navigate her entry into higher education was intimidating. Through her hard work in high school, Kylee received a full academic scholarship to UVU along with the Wolverine Ambassador housing scholarship.

But being admitted to UVU was just the first step in Kylee’s academic journey. She said, “I remember the very first day that I walked on campus, I knew that I didn’t just have my family cheering me on, I had an entire university believing in me and campaigning for my success. The support system that UVU has for its students is one that I had never experienced before. I had professors, advisors, leaders, and administrators actively participating in my journey at UVU. It was so special.”

Adjusting to life at college is difficult for any new student but being the first in her family to go to college, Kylee wasn’t sure what to expect. “The biggest struggle I had as a first-generation student was feeling that I wasn’t good enough to be here. How could I be successful in college when I didn’t know what I was doing? What should I study? How I was going to get to graduation? Thankfully I had wonderful mentors and friends that believed in me and saw my potential, especially when I couldn’t see it myself.”

Kylee was able to apply herself to her studies and find the support that she needed to make it to graduation. Thinking back on her graduation day, Kylee remembered, “The one word I would use to describe how it felt to graduate from UVU is ‘gratitude.’ I will forever be grateful for the support that I received while trying to complete my degree. Without the scholarships I received, I wouldn’t have been able to come to school. I am forever grateful to UVU for making me feel like I was invaluable, that my dreams could be achieved, and that I mattered. I felt loved, supported, and heard every single day for four years. UVU is truly a place for anyone who wants to better themselves. I love this school, my roots are forever planted here, and I am so proud to be a first-generation graduate of Utah Valley University.”

Kylee’s two younger siblings are following in her footsteps and are currently students at UVU. Currently, Kylee is employed in UVU’s Institutional Advancement division.