Wee Care Center Makes A Degree Possible

Wee Care Center Makes A Degree Possible

APRIL 14, 2023|  By Heather Bergeson


Cristina Pauu, a junior studying pre-nursing, has always wanted to become a midwife. But as a young mother, attending school seemed like an insurmountable challenge.


After exploring several options for her education, Cristina explored the possibilities at Utah Valley University (UVU). With increased financial aid opportunities and in-person classes, UVU was at the top of her list. However, the main reason Cristina became a Wolverine was the UVU Wee Care Center.


The Wee Care Center is an on-campus daycare center dedicated to providing high-quality childcare for children of degree-seeking UVU students. Currently, all three of Cristina’s children, ages 1-4, attend the Wee Care Center while Cristina studies and attends classes.


Cristina said the Wee Care Center has dramatically impacted her academic experience.


“I could take the kids to their daycare, and I could go to my class, or I could study,” she said. “I started getting better grades, and I felt like it was possible for me to do school.”


While Cristina is in lectures, her children are also learning at the Wee Care Center.


“It's more than just watching them,” Cristina said. “The center has a curriculum that these teachers are knowledgeable in, and they've gone to school for these things. My son, who had a speech delay, was better prepared for preschool because of what he learned at the center.”


With reliable, high-quality childcare, higher education becomes possible for parents who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pursue degrees. With the peace of mind that her children are cared for while she studies, Cristina can focus on attaining her degree.


“Knowing the center is here gives me motivation to keep going to school because I know my kids are going to be taken care of,” she said. “It’s just so nice to think that a school like this has so many great opportunities for children and parents.”


Cristina is applying for nursing school and looking forward to continuing her education, knowing she and her children have UVU’s support. For her, becoming a midwife and working in a hospital is a dream come true.


“I'm just excited to finally do something I want to do and have it be a possibility that's affordable,” she said.




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