Take a FREE class that counts toward your degree through our scholarship! Don’t just sit in a classroom—get real-world, hands-on experience while you are taking a class this summer!

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  • UVU Excelerate courses are not just ordinary college classes! They are designed to be exciting and engaging! Each UVU Excelerate course comes with an awesome project that allows you to apply what you learn in class to help an organization in the community.
  • For example, imagine taking an English class that partners with the Orem Public Library. In this class, you get to choose nonfiction books to review for the library's blog. This project will help community members discover new books to enjoy while allowing you to learn important skills such as critically reading, writing, and thinking.
  • At the end of the course, you can add the project to your resume and include the work in your portfolio. This will give you an advantage over other college graduates who have not had the opportunity to apply their skills to a real-life project. So why settle for ordinary college classes when you can have exciting UVU Excelerate courses that will help you stand out in the job market? Sign up for UVU Excelerate today!

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Find your purpose. Find your passion. And discover the possibilities that await you.

How does it work? 

As a UVU Excelerate student, you will earn credits toward your degree* over the summer by completing a project-based course in just eight weeks! Here’s how it works:

  1. Check your eligibility - Qualtrics Survey
  2. Pick a class with a project that excites you! - Projects
  3. Get the link to register from your advisor.
  4. Register (your advisor or the UVU Excelerate team can help you!).
  5. Attend UVU Excelerate Orientation on Wednesday, June 19th.
  6. Complete your FREE course between June 24th and August 9th.
  7. Attend weekly career connections activities during your UVU Excelerate course that will help you make connections with students in your major, faculty in your degree program, and professionals in your career field!

  8. Attend monthly career connections activities during the next academic year.



Why should I participate?

UVU Excelerate classes are designed to help you learn by doing.  Kick off your educational journey at UVU with classes aligned with your interests and talents. Your UVU Excelerate course provides you with:

  • a FREE required class that counts toward graduation requirements through our scholarship.*

  • a small class size (less than 20 students) so you can get the personalized attention you need.

  • additional support from peer mentors that attend class with you each day.

  • connections with campus resources and people that will support you throughout your time at UVU.

  • connections with employers through projects and career connections activities.


*Please check with your advisor before registering to make sure the UVU Excelerate course you choose fits best with your declared major.


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