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Summer 2024 Classes and Projects

When you take a FREE UVU Excelerate class, it counts towards your graduation requirements, alleviating the stress and financial burden of one class from your schedule! Choose from the classes provided below, and please keep in mind:

  • To ensure you make the most of your UVU Excelerate experience, we encourage you to dedicate the second block of summer exclusively to your Excelerate class. Avoid signing up for additional classes during this time to stay focused and fully engage in your course.

  • As part of the Excelerate scholarship, you'll have the opportunity to participate in weekly career connections activities! These activities offer insights into campus resources, potential career paths, networking opportunities with professionals in your field, and essential skills for your future career.

  • The career connections activities are different depending on which day you attend. College and Career Connection sessions are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:00am - 12:30pm. Attendance is required for one of the two sessions, either on Tuesday or Wednesday each week.

  • Plan your summer schedule to include both your UVU Excelerate class and the enriching career connections activities. We can't wait to see you succeed in college!

SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology

Project Partner: UVU Roots of Knowledge

CRN: 21487

Instructor: Rob Line

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 9 AM - 10:50 AM

Course Description: Studies and compares social groups and institutions and their inter-relationships. Includes culture, socialization, deviance, stratification, race, ethnicity, social change, and collective behavior.

Project Description:

Help plan and facilitate an interactive tour at the Roots of Knowledge display for hundreds of visitors who come to this world-class exhibit at UVU. Students will learn and be part of a process that takes the theoretical knowledge of the classroom and combines it with a real-life service to the community in this engaging and thought-provoking project.

ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing

Project Partner: Huntsman Cancer Insititute

CRN: 21488

Instructor: Thew Curtis

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 9 AM - 10:50 AM

Course Description: Teaches rhetorical knowledge and skills, focusing on critical reading, writing, and thinking. Meets English Composition graduation requirements (CC).

Project Description:

Develop resources to assist local families in navigating the challenges associated with cancer, catering to the diverse needs of families affected by the disease.

ENGL 2010 Intermediate Academic Writing

Project Partner: Utah County Public Defender Association

CRN: 21489

Instructor: Zach Largey

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: Emphasizes academic inquiry and research. Explores issues from multiple perspectives. Teaches careful reasoning, argumentation, and rhetorical awareness of purpose, audience, and genre. Focuses on critically evaluating, effectively integrating, and properly documenting sources. 

Project Description:

Conduct research, generate, and assemble an extensive collection of instructional materials aimed at guiding individuals through the decision-making process, specifically addressing inquiries concerning available legal resources for clients.

FAMS 1150 Marriage and Relationship Skills

Project Partner: Huntsman Cancer Institute

CRN: 21540

Instructor: Todd Spencer

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: Guides students in building a lasting intimate relationship of their own and in understanding and teaching relationship maintenance and improvement strategies based on large-scale scientifically derived marriage and relationship principles. Utilizes cutting edge research on factors and issues related to relationship success and outcome including whom and when to marry and how to build stable and happy relationships over time. Stresses increased understanding of desirable relationship outcomes and how to achieve them.

Project Description: Help local families navigate the stresses related to Cancer by crafting resource materials and activities to address the diverse needs of families fighting cancer. 

HLTH 1100 Personal Health and Wellness

Project Partner: Vineyard CARE

CRN: 21490

Instructor: Tiana Prestwich

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: T/R 9:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Course Description: Examines the challenges to individual and community health, and encourages students to become actively engaged in preserving, protecting, and promoting health at all levels. Meets core graduation requirements (TE).

Project Description: Help Vineyard residents elevate their well-being with an upcoming Health Fair.  Craft compelling presentations and engaging activities to address the diverse health needs of our families. They will actively reach out to local community resources, inviting experts to share valuable insights during the event. 

ENTR 2500 Creativity and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Project Partner: City of Orem

CRN: 21486

Instructor: Vance Gough

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 9 AM - 10:50 AM

Course Description: Includes topics such as the customer/problem/solution framework, design thinking, prototyping, intellectual property, creative idea development, lead user research methodology, peer feedback, new venture financing, and the lean start-up. Meets Social Science graduation requirements (SS).

Project Description: Help create high impact, feasible solutions focuses on enhancing safety and security for Orem City.

TECH 1010 Understanding Technology

Project Partner: Vineyard City

CRN: 21527

Instructor: Carl Canlas

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: Online

Course Description: Covers the principal technologies that are important and prevalent today and their associated science principles. Meets Physical Science graduation requirements (PP).

Project Description: Work with the City of Vineyard, particularly to locate storm drains, assess the quality of drainage, and post their locations to Google Earth or Arc GIS.

HIST 1700 American Civilization

Project Partner: Vineyard City & UVU Fulton Library

CRN: 21502

Instructor: Ben Johnson

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: Analyze developing political, economic, and social institutions and their interrelationships with, and impact upon, the geographical features of the land. Meets American Institutions graduation requirements (AS).

Project Description: Interview long time residents and create educational materials to preserve the history of the growing city of Vineyard.

GEO 1010 Introduction to Geology

Project Partner: UVU Outdoor Adventure Center

CRN: 21542

Instructor: Stephen Campbell

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: Studies planet earth: its materials, structure, dynamics, and surface features. Taken alone it is designed for non-science students who want a broad introduction to earth science and a greater appreciation of their physical surroundings. (PP.)

Project Description: Craft an engaging and informative geological outdoor exploration field guide that not only showcases but passionately promotes and shares the awe-inspiring geological wonders nestled within the heart of Utah County.

PHIL 2050 Ethics and Values

Project Partner: Oasis Ascent

CRN: 21496

Instructor: Chris Weigel

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: Challenges students to explore and clarify their values; critically read works of philosophy, literature, religion, and history toward understanding the basis of their ethical views; and read, study, research, discuss, and write about difficult ethical issues. Focuses on issues of good vs. evil, justice vs. injustice, equality vs. inequality, and the necessity of defining and examining happiness and values. Engages students in serious reflection on issues of ethics and values as they relate to the students' own lives.

Project Description: Oasis Ascent houses teens that are currently having mental health challenges. Their mission is to “provide teens and their families a place of refuge and healing along with an abundance of hope for a brighter future.” Being reflective about ethical issues can be a key component of gaining that healing and hope. UVU students will design, implement, and assess a curriculum of ethical dilemmas that they design based on what they have learned.

PSY 1010 General Psychology

Project Partner: TBA

CRN: 21491

Instructor: Meilani Roan

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

Course Description: An introductory course in modern scientific psychology. Covers major domains of scientific psychology including biological foundations, sensations, perception, learning, motivation, human development and abnormal psychology. Examines major psychological and professional applications.

Project Description: TBA 

PSY 1100 Human Development and Life Span

Project Partner: TBA

CRN: 21492

Instructor: Rosemay Webster

Dates: Jun. 24 to Aug. 9

Times: TWR 9:00 PM - 10:50 PM

Course Description: Explores genetic and environmental influences on human development and behavior from conception and birth through old age and death. Examines typical physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes at each developmental stage throughout the life span. Explores major theoretical perspectives on human development.

Project Description: TBA 




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