Frequently Asked Questions


What is UVU Excelerate?

UVU Excelerate is a summer scholarship program for eligible first and second year UVU students. They get a scholarship to take a free summer class that counts toward their major with a small class size, have peer mentor support, and get career development.

Do I have to do a project on top of my classwork?

No! The projects are embedded in the class and will be completed as part of your normal coursework.

When are Excelerate classes held?

UVU Excelerate classes will be held during the second block and will happen during June 24th to August 9th.

What are Excelerate classes like?

UVU Excelerate courses are not just ordinary college classes—they are designed to be supportive, exciting, and engaging. Each UVU Excelerate course includes an awesome project from businesses and community organizations that allows you to apply what you learn in class to help the community.

Imagine taking a psychology class that partners with Orem Police and UVU's Autism Center. In this class, you get to create resources for first responders to help them interact with individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This project will help police, fire fighters, and medical first responders while allowing you to apply psychology concepts about the brain, human development, language, memory, and more.

What are the UVU Excelerate career connections activities like?

Career connections activities will be fun and informative. They will help you learn about yourself as a college student, connect you to important campus resources, and connect you with students, faculty, and alumni in your desired career field.

When are the UVU Excelerate career connection activities?

The career connection activities are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week from 11:00 - 12:30pm. You must attend either Tuesday's or Wednesday's career connection session each week. And you are always welcome to attend both sessions each week.

Are the career connections activities required?

Yes. Your attendance at and participation in these activities are required to get the free class.

When do I have to come to campus?

For most classes, you must come to campus each class period and for the career connections activities.

What does the UVU Excelerate scholarship pay for?

The scholarship pays for tuition for a single UVU Excelerate course.

Am I eligible for the UVU Excelerate program and scholarship?

If you’ve received an email from us that says you are eligible, you are! If you have questions about your eligibility, please fill out this online eligibility check.

Can I take another class while I am taking a UVU Excelerate course?

You may take other courses while you are taking your UVU Excelerate class. 

What do I have to do to accept my UVU Excelerate scholarship?

You can either contact the Excelerate Director, email us at [email protected], or text our texting hotline at (801) 210-6985 or you can fill out the online form in the email that said you were eligible.

Can I change my choice of UVU Excelerate class?

Yes! Just email [email protected] or call (801) 863-4459 to let us know.

I have a registration hold, what do I do?

Go to myUVU and see what the hold is. Most frequently, folks need to apply to be a student in the summer term, meet with their advisor, complete online orientation, or register for Jumpstart Orientation. Contact [email protected] or call (801) 863-4459 for help.

How do I submit a UVU application for the summer term?

Go to the admissions website, scroll down, and then access the “Admissions Application.” Please use the undergraduate application.

How do I find my advisor?

Go to the First Year Advising Center website and find your advisor. Each advisor has a link for appointments.

How do I complete Online Orientation or register for Jumpstart Orientation?

Go to the orientation website and use the instructions there to complete Online Orientation or register for Jumpstart Orientation.