I authorize Utah Valley University (UVU) to initiate Direct Deposit (electronic deposit) of funds to the account and financial institution indicated below. I acknowledge that the origination of Direct Deposit (or ACH - Automatic Clearing House) transactions to the account below must comply with the provisions of US law. I agree that:
The only deposit notification sent to me will be by e-mail at my myUVU e-mail address. 
It could take up to three (3) full banking days from the date of the e-mail for the transfer of funds into my account.
It is my responsibility to verify that funds have been credited to my account and that UVU assumes no liability for overdrafts for any reason.  In the event my financial institution is not able to deposit the funds into my account, UVU cannot reissue the funds to me until said funds are returned by my financial institution to UVU.
If funds to which I am not entitled are deposited into my account, I authorize UVU to reverse the transaction and to direct the financial institution to return said funds to UVU. If said funds cannot be returned, UVU reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments on any subsequent check or take appropriate legal action to collect any amount deposited in error.
This authorization overrides any previous authorization and will remain in effect until: 
revoked by me either electronically or in writing, and in such manner as to afford UVU and my financial institution a reasonable opportunity to act on it, or notification is sent by my bank to UVU that the account number is no longer valid, or for Students, nine (9) months after last enrolled term.