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Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable (AR) Department offers many services to the UVU community, such as processing third party billing, non-student billing when a service or product has been provided to a Third Party/Off Campus Vendor but payment has not been made (credit was granted).



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Cash Money

Cashier's / Bursar's Office


It’s easy to pay your tuition at UVU. If you’re paying at the Cashier windows, we accept cash, check, or PIN-based debit cards.


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Money in the Form of Clock Coins



Official pay days are the 1st and the 16th of each month. 



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Collection of Rare Coins




Find information about Tuition Payment Plans, Federal Perkins Loans, Returned Checks, Payment Options, and Delinquent Tuition.

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Grad Student

Sponsored Students

UVU will bill approved governmental and third-party sponsors for student tuition and fees. Qualifying sponsors include approved corporations, vocational rehabilitation offices, government agencies including Military Tuition Assistance and embassies located in the US.

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Credit Card

Merchant Services



The Payment Card and Merchant Services department, under the direction of Finance and Business Services, works with UVU’s departments and Schools to help them accept credit card payments on behalf of the institution.

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