The LEAD program trains UVU students to become leaders within their communities by approaching leadership development as more than simply management. LEAD is a certificate program that focuses on four key areas of personal development: LEARN, ENGAGE, ACQUIRE, DISCOVER. Students can choose to do a one- or two-year distinction track based on their needs and goals. In addition, students can participate in a co-hort with a specific area of focus. Current co-hort offerings include Aviation, I Am First (first generation students), Tech Management, Trailblazer (non-traditional students), and UVU LEAD (on campus student leader).

Campus Groups 

Student Development & Involvement uses a software called Campus Groups group to track all involvement in stundent life. The LEAD Program is using this software to track all involvement in the LEAD Program. To login into Campus Groups you will use your UVU ID and UVU login.  

Campus Groups

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Applications Open for Fall 2023


Team Leader Application

LEAD Program Application


  • Leadership Certificate
  • Leadership Cords
  • Leadership Distinction on Transcript - A good way to make yourself stand out on Grad School applications, CVs, and Resume's
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Industry Mentor
  • Peer Leadership
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder and Effective Goal Setting
    Learn More About Gallup
  • Certified Peer Educator Training through NASPA - A good way to make yourself stand out on Grad School applications, CVs, and Resume's
    Learn More About CPE Training 
  • Involvement on Campus
  • FAMILY- We're a LEAD Family on campus where you will meet life long friends, mentors, and maybe even your future forever


Information Interviews- In addition to meeting with a mentor, students interview professionals within their field of study. Interviews enable students to network and understand how leadership is applied in their specific discipline.


Leadership Hours- LEAD Program serve for 50 hours of highly customized leadership development. Student participants will apply the LEAD Program’s principles as they work, serve, volunteer, coordinate, support and much more.


Concept Cultivators- To gain a knowledge of leadership styles, LEAD students can attend lectures, workshops, seminars, read books and more in order see what they learn from the program being put into practice in the real world.

Coursework- LEAD students also complete several leadership courses which teach an academic concept of leadership. These classes include a student leadership development course, an engaged learning course, Principles of Leadership, and over 70 electives.


Strengths Finder Assessment- When beginning the program, each LEAD student participates in a self- and peer-assessment process which identifies his or her strengths and opportunities for growth. LEAD Students will be working with their specific strengths for all 2years of the program

Reflections- Each month, LEAD Program students will write a reflection which allows them to think back on and synthesize what they have learned from concept cultivators, mentor meetings, and applying their StrengthsFinder goals towards their customized leadership experience.




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LEAD Programs


Criteria: 3.0 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator:Stephen Ley

Description: A two-year cohort that is tailored to students within UVU’s Aviation Program.

I Am First

Criteria: 2.75 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator:Ezra Mintz-Fernandez

Description: First-generation students are pioneers in their families, often deciding to go to college at great personal and familial sacrifice. I Am First is a one-year program for freshmen first-generation college students who will receive mentoring from a successful first generation college graduate, and apply their leadership learning experience by participating in UVU's First-Generation Initiative.

Tech Management

Criteria: Current UVU student

Coordinator: Susan Thackeray

Description: This program is tailored to students that are interested in leadership within a technical field. It is inclusive to full time, part time, and non-traditional students!


Criteria: Current UVU student

Coordinator:Natalie Brewster

Description: The Trailblazer Cohort is a new feature of the LEAD Program and is designed for non-traditional students who are interested in leadership!

UVU Lead

Criteria: 2.5 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator:Natalie Brewster

Description: A two-year cohort that is open to all program and leadership experiences on campus. Program requirements can be tailored toward a specific leadership experience.


Program Requirements

Semester 1

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Leadership Course
  • Strengths Finder Assessment

Semester 2

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Leadership Course
  • Monthly StrengthsFinder Goals

Semester 3

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Hours of Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Leadership Course
  • Monthly StrengthFinder Goals

Semester 4

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Hours of Theory
  • 1 Leadership Course
  • Monthly StrengthsFinder Goals


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Natalie is available to meet with you Face to Face MWThF between the hours of 10:00am - 3:00pm. Natalie is available to meet virtually Tuesdays from 11-7pm or MWTh from 5pm-8pm.
Natalie is also regulary on campus for events and can coordinate to meet with you face to face during evenings and/or on Saturdays. *this is done o
n an as needed basis

To make an Appt. email Natalie directly or message her a via Microsoft Teams.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders serve as peer to peer mentors for students working towards their distinction. Team Leaders check in regularly to provide support, answer questions, and help students as needed. Team Leaders report directly to the program coordinator within the Department of Student Leadership and Involvement.

portrait of Mallory Searle
Photograph of Mallory Searle
Mallory Searle
photo of Chase Schetselaar
Chase Schetselaar
image of Kate Hickman
Kate Hickman

Team Leader Scholarship

Value = $500 Fall Semester
                  $1000 Spring Semester 

  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be enrolled and successfully pass 12 credit hours per semester
  • Have prior experience in the LEAD Program
  • Priority is given to UVU Students who are pursuing their first Bachelor's level degree

Students with experience in the LEAD Program may apply to be Team Leaders. Team Leaders are eligible for a $500 scholarship for the Fall Semester and a $1000 scholarship for the Spring Semester. Team Leaders agree to a full academic year of service when they accept their position as a Team Leader. Team Leaders work with other LEAD Program students to help them progress during their time in the program at UVU.