The Center for the Advancement of Leadership (CAL) trains UVU students to become leaders by approaching leadership development as more than simply management. The LEAD Program is one of three tracks in a one or two year certification program and focuses on four key areas of personal development: Learn, Engage, Acquire, and Discover. Together, these areas ensure growth—both personally and professionally—while students are enrolled in our program.


Mentor Meetings

Each month during the school year, LEAD students meet with a mentor to develop both professionally and personally. Mentors often share their own experiences and expertise to help students in their lives.

Information Interviews

In addition to meeting with a mentor, students interview professionals within their field of study. Interviews enable students to network and understand how leadership is applied in their specific discipline.


Leadership Hours

LEAD Program serve for 50 hours of highly customized leadership development. Student participants will apply the LEAD Program’s principles as they work, serve, volunteer, coordinate, support and much more.


Concept Cultivators

To gain a knowledge of leadership styles, LEAD students attend workshops and seminars. Students are also encouraged to read books or watch webinars to gain leadership insights. The CAL hosts a monthly lecture series, Master Mind, which students are encouraged to attend.


LEAD students also complete several leadership courses which teach an academic concept of leadership. These classes include a student leadership development course, an engaged learning course, Principles of Leadership, and over 70 electives.


Strengths Finder Assessment

When beginning the program, each LEAD student participates in a self- and peer-assessment process which identifies his or her strengths and opportunities for growth.

360° Evaluation

While pursuing the 2-year High Leadership Distinction certification, students participate in a 360° Evaluation and receive feedback and professional advice on their leadership performance and skills. In this evaluation, students are able to reflect on ways they can utilize their Strength Finder strengths to track their growth and refine their leadership qualities.


Each month, LEAD Program students will write a reflection which allows them to think back on and synthesize what they have learned from concept cultivators, mentor meetings, and applying their 360 feedback and/or StrengthsFinder goals towards their customized leadership experience.

 LEAD Cohorts

In order to be considered for the LEAD Program, students must:

  • be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours at UVU (or requirements as otherwise noted by each cohort).



Criteria: 3.0 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Stephen Ley
Description: A two-year cohort that is tailored to students within UVU’s Aviation Program.

Aviation Website


Criteria: 2.5 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Natalie Brewster
Description: A two-year cohort that is open to all program and leadership experiences on campus. Program requirements can be tailored toward a specific leadership experience.

I Am First

Criteria: 2.75 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Garrett Nagaishi
Description: First-generation students are pioneers in their families, often deciding to go to college at great personal and familial sacrifice. I Am First is a one-year program for freshmen first-generation college students who will receive mentoring from a successful first generation college graduate, and apply their leadership learning experience by participating in UVU's First-Generation Initiative.


Women LEAD

Criteria: 2.75 GPA and 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Rachel Saunders
Description: A one-year cohort in partnership with UVU's Women's Success Center in which cohort members focus their leadership learning and experiences on women in leadership.



Tech Management

Criteria: Current UVU student with 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Anne Arendt
Description: This program is tailored to students that are interested in leadership within a technical field. It is inclusive to full time, part time, and non-traditional students!


Tech Management Website


Criteria: Current UVU student with 12 credit hours

Coordinator: Natalie Brewster
Description: The Trailblazer Cohort is a new feature of the LEAD Program and is designed for non-traditional students who are interested in leadership!


Trailblazer Website

Students accepted to the LEAD Program must complete four semesters in order to receive High Distinction in Leadership. The program runs during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Please note that students must pay a $100 fee for each year they are in the program - each semester there are scholarship oppurtunuties available!

A partial housing scholarship is available to those who qualify and who submit an application before the yearly deadline (usually mid-February).

Applicants will still be considered for these programs but not the housing scholarship if submitted after the due date (mid-February): Aviation, CAL, I Am First, CELP and Women LEAD

Program Requirements

Semester 1

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Leadership Course
  • Strengths Finder Assessment

Semester 2

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Leadership Course

Semester 3

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Hours of Concept Cultivators
  • 1 Elective Course
  • DecisionWise 360° Evaluation

Semester 4

  • 3 Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Information Interview
  • 50 Hours of Leadership
  • 6 Hours of Theory
  • 1 Elective Course



Value = $1,845-$2,460

CAL contributes $300 towards each month's rent.

The housing scholarship is in partnership with Summerwood Student Housing and cannot be transferred to tuition or another housing complex. 

Before applying, please ensure that you meet each of the following requirements:

  • You are admitted to Utah Valley University
  • Possess an acceptable GPA (depending on division standards)
  • Your transcripts have been received by UVU Admissions
  • You do not have a spouse or any dependents

Team Leader

Value = $500 per semester

  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Be enrolled in and pass at least 12 credit hours
  • Have experience in the LEAD Program

Students with experience in the LEAD Program may apply to be a Team Leader. Team Leaders receive a $500 scholarship award each semester. Team Leaders work with other LEAD Program students to help them progress during their time in the program


Program Materials & Resources



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LEAD Group Mentors

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** Payment can also be made in person at the CAL Office (LC 302) via Square

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