Completion & Requirement Deadlines

The Completion Deadline is the last day to complete any coursework or requirements for the degree or credential a student applied to receive. This is typically the last day of the semester. Students will have until the Requirement Deadline to have all requirements showing as complete in their Wolverine Track.

Summer 2024

Completion Deadline
August 9, 2024

Requirement Deadline
September 15, 2024

Fall 2024

Completion Deadline
December 6, 2024

Requirement Deadline
January 15, 2025

Spring 2025

Completion Deadline
April 30,  2025

Requirement Deadline
May 31, 2025

How and When You Will Be Contacted

All communication for graduation, including information about the graduation ceremonies, will be sent to a students' myUVU email account. Students are encouraged to check their email frequently.


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Applying to graduate

One to two weeks after submission

  • Application approval email 
  • Emails containing information about the graduation ceremonies, will be sent to all those who have registered to walk via the graduation application in late February/early March.
  • Summer graduates wanting an exception to walk in the spring ceremonies will have their  applications processed once all Spring applications have been approved.

One week before the end of the semester

  • An email reminding students that all work must be completed to show on their records by the appropriate deadlines will be shared one week before the final requirement deadline.
  • A denial warning email will be sent 6-8 weeks after the end of the term (if applicable).

After graduation has been denied

  • A denial email will be sent to the students who did not meet their graduation requirements by the required deadlines.
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Make sure you are declared in all degrees

Work with your academic advisor to declare all the stackable degrees you can earn on your way to your Bachelor's degree. This will make it easier for you to track your degree progress and apply for graduation when the time comes to earn your credentials. 

Problems with application

If a student is needing help with any of the following after they have been approved for graduation they will need to contact the graduation office: reactivation, forwarding application one semester, applied for the wrong degree, changed name, address change, etc. If your application has not been approved the student can log back into the application and update their own application.

For more information about when you’ll get your diploma

Check your Application

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