Important Note

Please keep in mind that you must apply to graduate regardless of if you are participating in any ceremonies.

Applying to graduate

When do I apply to Graduate:

Graduating Spring Term?

You must apply to graduate by the first Friday in February. Apply Here.

Graduating Summer Term?

You must apply to graduate by the first Friday in June. Apply Here.

Graduating Fall Term?

You must apply to graduate by the first Friday in October. Apply Here.

Auto-Awarding of Degrees

Information about-auto awarding of degrees.

What is authorized associate degree awarding?

Each semester, a select group of students is given the opportunity to accept their completed associate degree after the graduation application deadlines have passed. These students do not need to submit a standard application; they will be notified through their myUVU email in box of their eligibility and are required to accept the degree offer via an online form.
The goal of this process is to increase the number of UVU students who receive their associate degree once they qualify for it, even if they are still working on a bachelor’s degree.
Currently, only a small number of associate degrees are available for authorized awarding. Students will only receive an email if they qualify for one of those associate degrees. To graduate with a specific associate degree, students should submit the standard graduation application and select the appropriate major.

Why doesn’t UVU award my associate degree automatically?

UVU doesn’t award any associate degrees without official confirmation from the student that they want to receive it — either through submission of the standard graduation application or by accepting the degree after receiving email outreach from the graduation office.
This is because of UVU’s policy allowing each student to receive only one Associate in Science or Arts from UVU. Since you can only get one, we want to make sure you are able to receive the associate degree of your choice. We rely on students to tell us which degree they want by applying for it.

Why doesn’t every student get notified when they qualify for an associate degree?

We can find eligible students for a small number of associate degrees, but we cannot match every student to every possible associate degree.
We do our best to contact as many students as possible, but the only way to ensure you will definitely receive a degree is to have your academic advisor declare you in all degrees you wish to receive and apply for it through the standard graduation application.

Can I get my associate degree after the application deadline, even if I didn’t get an email from the graduation office?

If you didn’t receive an email from our office, you need to apply for graduation through the standard application. You may need to apply for a future semester, but you can still receive the associate degree.

Why doesn’t every student get notified when they qualify for a bachelors degree?

We do our best to contact as many students as possible, but students should work closely with their academic advisor to know when to apply for their degree through the standard graduation application and before the appropriate deadlines.

What if I don’t want the degree offered in the email from the graduation office?

No problem! You can apply for a different degree through the standard graduation application. You might still get emails from our office about your eligibility until you have graduated with an associate degree.
We do our best to contact as many students as possible, but the only way to ensure you will definitely receive a degree is to apply for it through the standard graduation application.

Is there a fee for accepting the associate degree?

No! The only time there is an application fee is during the late fee period.

Why should I get an associate degree?

Though you don’t have to receive an associate degree, we do recommend all students get one along the way to their bachelor’s degree. Benefits of an associate degree include:
  • Greater career and earnings potential sooner.
  • A completed and locked-in credential if your bachelor’s degree program has to be interrupted due to unforeseeable issues (family, health, finances, etc.).
  • Help in transferring if you end up attending a different school.
And don’t worry—you can continue to pursue your current degree uninterrupted! Here’s a video with more information.

How can I see my eligibility for different associate degrees?

Use the What If feature of Wolverine Track to see your eligibility for various degrees. If you want help using What If, contact the Graduation Office or your academic advisor.

What about my bachelor’s or master’s degree?

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees are never awarded automatically and students will not be contacted by the graduation office when they need to apply for those degrees. Students must always submit a graduation application before the semester’s deadline to be eligible for graduation with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It’s the student’s responsibility to be aware of degree progress and application deadlines, and to apply for their bachelor’s or master’s degree on time.


Learn more about all the events surrounding graduation.

What is commencement?

Commencement is a ceremony held for all graduates to participate in. President Tuminez speaks to the graduating class and will be joined by our guest speaker in congratulating all the graduates on their hard work. The ceremony includes a processional, pomp and circumstance, the awarding of honorary degrees, and confetti canons. All graduates are encouraged to participate in this ceremony.

What is convocation?

Graduates participating in the convocation ceremonies will walk with other graduates in their specific school or college. This is the ceremony where students’ names are read as they walk across the stage and receive a diploma cover.  Most families choose to attend this ceremony.

Can I walk in a different convocation than assigned?

Graduates are welcome to select the convocation that works best for their individual situation. When the graduate knows which convocation they would like to attend they will need to let the graduation office know. The graduation office will be able to instruct you on next steps.

Secondary Education degree walking?

Graduates earning a secondary education degree will walk with the college/school that contains their emphasis. If they would rather, those graduates are welcome to participate with the School of Education but that is not the default school they are assigned to walk with.

Who can participate in walking?

Graduates from the Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025 are invited to attend the Spring 2025 graduation ceremonies. Summer 2025 graduates are welcome to attend on an exception basis. This means they can walk but cannot walk with honors.

Can my family member walk with me?

Family members are not permitted to walk in the ceremony with their graduate unless they themselves are also graduating from UVU during that academic year.

Can a family pet walk with me?

Service animals are the only animals permitted to walk with graduates in the ceremonies. Graduates wishing to have their service animal with them during the ceremonies will need to contact the Accessibility Services Center.


Get your diploma questions answered.

How do I get my official diploma?

The graduation office will automatically mail the diplomas to the address provided by the graduate in the graduation application. 6-8 weeks after the end of the term diplomas should arrive to the graduate.  A link to order a digital diploma will also be sent to the student's myUVU email account when the paper diploma is mailed.

When do I get my official diploma?

Diplomas are mailed 6-8 weeks after the end of a student's graduating term.

What if the name on my diploma is incorrect?

Students must have the correct name on their records by the end of their graduating term to ensure that their name is printed correctly. If you find that your name is incorrect on the diploma you receive, you will need to reach out to the Graduation Office to have this fixed.

What if the Latin honors on my diploma are incorrect?

Graduates will need to reach out to the Graduation Office to verify the honors that are printed on the diploma.

Where is my minor?

Minors are never printed on students' diplomas; however, minors will appear on the official transcript. Transcripts are the legal documentation to show the degree that has been earned. You can order your official transcript through the Records Office.

Regalia - CAP AND GOWN

Learn about what you should be wearing for graduation.

Can I borrow my cap and gown from family or friends?

Yes, if it matches the UVU approved attire: Please see Approved Regalia Page

How do I get graduation regalia (cap, gown, etc.)?

Graduates can purchase graduation regalia (cap, gown, etc.) at a discounted price at Grad Fest held in the Spring term. They may also purchase their regalia online on the Jostens website.  (NO RENTALS: UVU and Jostens do not rent graduation regalia.)
Purchase Cap and Gown

How do I get my program distinction cords?

Cords are given to students who have participated in extracurricular activities across campus. Cords are not used to signify any honors. See what cords you may qualify for:

How do I get academic honors medallions?

Honors medallions are given to signify students have received academic honors (Associate degree: Honors; High Honors. Bachelor degree: Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude. Masters degrees do not qualify for honors). Honors medallions are only given to students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher. See more details below:

Am I permitted to decorate my cap/mortarboard?

Can I wear something besides my cap and gown?

Commencement: All graduating students must wear approved regalia (cap and gown) only. Convocation:  Specific colleges/schools have approved regalia items that may fall outside the approved standard. Please check with your specific school/college if you have additional questions.

Do I need to pre-order to attend Grad Fest?

No need to pre-order, students can purchase directly at the event and checkout. If students need regalia before or after Grad Fest they should purchase directly from the Campus Store (before the ceremony) or through (after the ceremony).
a couple that are graduating
guy and girl in green cap and gowns
girl standing with the wiley the cyote statue


All about the ceremonies.

Location and directions

Please visit the Ceremony Info page for more details.

Where and when does each ceremony take place?

Please visit the Ceremony Info page for more details.

How long is each ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies are two hours maximum for each ceremony.

Do I need tickets?

There are no tickets required for graduates or guests for the ceremonies.

How can I arrange special accommodations and seating for guests with disabilities?

Wheelchairs are available for check-out at the following locations on campus:

  • Campus Connection
    • Open from 9-5 pm
    • Located in the hallway near the Ballroom.
    • To check out you must deposit a government issued ID which will be given back to you when the wheelchair is returned.
  • UCCU Events Center – West entrance, 1stfloor by the ticket sale windows.
    • Main office – ground floor on west side of building.
    • To check out you must deposit a government issued ID which will be given back to you when the wheelchair is returned
You can reach out to the Accessibilities Office to ensure any other accommodations can be made.
Accessibility Accommodations

Where should I park?

Guests and graduates may park in any legal parking spot for free across campus the days of the graduation ceremonies. You can find the nearest parking lot to your graduation venue below. Parking Map

Are there shuttles?

There are no shuttles available for the graduation ceremonies.

What if I am a dual major student and cannot make it to both ceremonies?

You must pick one ceremony to attend graduates are not permitted to attend more than one Convocation.

What if I must leave the ceremony early?

We do not recommend that graduates leave in the middle of the ceremonies. Graduates can sign up for a different convocation ceremony on that day that will allow them to attend the whole thing.
I registered to participate in the graduation ceremonies, but I can no longer attend. What do I do?
If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremonies there is no need to change your registration status. The ceremonies are optional so there is no obligation to attend if you have registered. 

Graduation requirements

Make sure that you are meeting the graduation requirements.

When will my degree officially be awarded?

Degrees are awarded to those who applied to graduate and have met the graduation requirements beginning two weeks after the term ends. Graduates can check on their degree status through myUVU by going to Registration & Academics >Degree Information. Once the degree has been awarded there will be a note stating "Degree awarded for (term awarded)."

What if I don't complete my graduation requirements? Can I still walk?

Participation in the graduation ceremonies does not guarantee completion or awarding of degrees. Graduates walking in the ceremonies who do not complete their graduation requirements will need to submit a new graduation application in order to receive their degree. We do not recommend walking until you know that you will be completing all of your degree requirements.
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