An Invitation to Our Faculty

To honor your graduating students your full participation in the Commencement and Convocation Ceremonies is recommended. Students and their family members would greatly appreciate your attendance.

If Faculty wish to participate in the Convocation Ceremonies they will need to speak to their Commencement Representative  for more information:

CET: Stefan Harlan/ Rachel Freeman

CHPS: Shalece Nuttall

CHSS: Jolene Arnoff

COS: Kerri Howlett

SOA: Linda Moore/ Traci Hainsworth

SOE: Wendi Hillman

UC: Jan Christiansen/ Beth Winkler

WSB: Jenny Haroldson

Faculty Participation

Faculty who wish to participate in the 2020 graduation ceremonies meet in the following parking lots: CET: Lot M29; CHPS: Lots M21/M22; CHSS: Lots L9/L10; COS: Lots M21/M22; SOA: Lot M23; SOE: Lot 14; UC: Lot 14; WSB: Lot M26
Please park in the following parking lots: CET: M28; CHPS: M20; CHSS: L3 & L5; COS: M20; SOA: M25 & M28; SOE: L3 & L5; UC: L3 & L5; WSB: M25

Faculty Regalia

NEW FACULTY:  To show appreciation for your contributions to UVU, Academic Affairs is offering to purchase a modestly priced academic regalia package (cap, gown, tassel & hood as needed) for all full-time, tenure track faculty, at no charge.

Contact: Julie Hayden (Academic Affairs)