Decorated caps can be a great memento and way to show your Wolverine spirit. Decorated caps can assist family members in spotting graduates in the crowd. The mortarboard’s flat surface is a perfect canvas to display appropriate personal expressions with ceremonial attire.

What is appropriate?

  1. Graduation year
  2. Achievements and awards
  3. Enthusiastic, positive, and inspiring quotes and goals
  4. Thank you's to family, friends, and teachers who impacted your education
  5. Favorite activities while attending UVU (clubs, sports, etc.)

What is NOT permitted?

  1. Three-dimensional objects. Decorations should be two-dimensional and not have lights or noise or drape over the sides of the cap.
  2. Any solicitations, advertisements, or promotions of a business
  3. Reference anything that could present an unacceptable risk of liability or present inherent danger
    1. Products used to injure or kill
    2. Firearms, weapons, and explosives
    3. Inhibiting consumables; alcohol, drug substances, smoking, tobacco, and paraphernalia.
  4. Reference anything that jeopardizes the university’s position of neutrality as a state entity
    1. Religious affiliation, candidates, and issues
    2. Political affiliation, candidates, and issues
  5. Reference anything that incites or produces imminent lawless, illegal, seditious, or illicit behavior and activities; or creates a hostile environment
    1. Obscene, profane, vulgar, lewd, demeaning, degrading, defaming, or discriminatory content
    2. Statements impugning other universities
    3. Gambling and lottery related (currently illegal within the state of Utah)
    4. Sexually suggestive or explicit (acts, language, and references third-party organizations)
    5. Drug paraphernalia related substances
    6. Content containing another entity's trademark
    7. Content promoting or inciting the armed resistance of rebellion against an established authority of the nation, state, city, or campus

*Note: Utah Valley University reserves its right to pull and confiscate any unauthorized graduation regalia.

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