The Wolverine Community Leadership program partners with off-campus housing complexes to extend the collegiate experience by encouraging engaged living communities, connecting students to campus resources, and promoting an affinity to the University. Student leaders participating in the WCL program grow in their ability to exercise critical thinking, collaborate with others, and develop the skill sets necessary to set and accomplish personal and professional goals.

WCL students also act as a resource support system for their peers by

  • Promoting on campus events that connect students back to campus
  • Helping students better understand campus life
  • Connecting students with campus resources so each student remains successful

When Can You Apply for the Program?


Applications for the program open in February each year.

Students interested in becoming a WCL (Wolverine Community Leader) will need to apply online.

Our waitlist application is currently open for Spring 2023 semester. If we have any positions open up, we will fill them from the waitlist.  Be sure to apply by November 18th at noon.

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Why Participate?

There are countless benefits to joining the WCL program. When students participate, they are able to:

  • Receive a housing scholarship exclusive to those accepted into the WCL program
  • Meet students with similar interests and create lifelong friendships
  • Participate in fun and exciting activities
  • Build a resume with leadership experience
  • Successfully navigate the resources available at UVU
  • Become a knowledgeable resource support for other UVU students

Wolverine Community Leader

Wolverine Community Leader Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements

UVU WCLs must be willing and able to complete a about 30-40 hours per semester (about 2-3 hours per week) to fulfill their WCL responsibilities. 


  • Each WCL student must fully commit to the WCL Program for the entire "Academic Year," running fall and spring semesters. (Note: The WCL Program does not function during the summer)
  • Each WCL partnership facilitates three events per semester at assign housing complex.
  • All WCLs are required to attend Student Leadership and Involvement Leadership Lectures (Twice a semester) that will help strengthen leadership skill sets.
  • WCLs are expected each week to plan programs, make assignments, manage budgets, create marketing materials and fulfill all responsibilities as assigned.
  • WCLs are required to attend various trainings and workshops throughout the year that will help them gain valuable leadership skills that they are expected to apply to their leadership as WCLs.
  • Each WCL is required to attend office hours every other Wednesday from 2-4PM
  • Each WCL is required to attend the mini-retreat in July, the fall retreat in August and the spring semester retreat in January.
  • 2.50 Cumulative GPA or higher when applying and a maintained 2.50 GPA each semester
  • Successful Programming and Event Performance
  • Full-time Student Status at UVU (12 credits or more)
  • Physical ability to lift equipment unaccompanied
  • Adherence to UVU Student Leadership Participation Clause
  • Successfully pass a background check


UVU hosts events at many of the off-campus housing complexes that caters to UVU students through our Wolverine Community Leadership program. Our student leaders plan three events in fall semester and three events in spring semester to connect students living in off-campus housing back to the university. Our events are great places to meet new people, learn new skills, have fun, or hear about UVU events and resources. All of our events are FREE and we encourage all UVU students to attend!


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UVU WCL Program Partners

The Branbury

The Branbury

Kacy Norman


Major: Aviation


Kacy Norman

Summer Hall


Major: University Studies


Summer Hall

Ganlin Zhang


Major: Pre-Nursing


Ganlin Zhang
Carriage Cove

Carriage Cove

Gabbie Fessler


Major: Microbiology


Gabbie Fessler

Veronica Teaford


Major: Public Health


Veronica Teaford