Build on the existing EID work, and adopt a bottom-up approach to expand and sustain the support for UVU’s communities. Strengthen the efforts in diversity-based sensitive programming, identify areas of growth and improvement, design a comparable and customizable measurement system to develop targeted result-based programming to address critical issues, and better provide resources of learning and innovation for educational plans and career development for all.


Grow, nurture and sustain an inclusive culture, where differences drive innovation and learning, to meet the needs of UVU’s community, where members can bring their authentic selves to campus.


UVU adopts a tailored holistic approach to creating an environment of equity and inclusion where ALL individuals are valued and respected regardless of their backgrounds, experiences, groups, and abilities. Together, we work on pedagogy, services, policies, and practices, to create an equitable and inclusive environment and elevate the sense of belonging, of which diversity is a by-product of UVU's inclusion policies and practices. The below model shows the collaboration between three main areas to address equity, inclusion, and diversity.

Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity (EID)

Academic Administration

Faculty Development

High Impact Practices (HIPs)


Inclusive Excellence

Wee Care

Veteran Success Center

Women's Success Center

LGBTQ+ Student Services

I Am First

International Students


Accessibility Services

People & Culture

Employee Relations

Equity and Title IX

Inclusion and Diversity Office


EID Committee

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Campus Climate Committee

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