Program Evaluation Methodologies and Reports

Outside Evaluations of Thesis Work


Once every three to five years, a random sample of Capstone II thesis work is evaluated by an external reviewer. These evaluations are used by program faculty to make improvements to the Capstone courses and thesis process.

1999-2003 Evaluation

2006-2008 Evaluation

2009-2012 Evaluation

2013-2016 Evaluation

Alumni Career Information

Integrated Studies student graduate school report.

Overall, post-graduate outcomes for students in the program are good. While on average 40% of people who complete an undergraduate degree are admitted to a graduate program within 10 years, data from the National Student Clearinghouse indicates that 47% of Integrated Studies graduates were admitted (not counting any students who attended programs outside of the United States). 



Exit Survey Reports


Graduating BA/BS students are given an exit survey, which requests their feedback across a variety of metrics: program rigor, faculty performance, advisor performance, level of preparedness for graduate school/employment, etc. 


2017-2023 (95 respondees)

Student Success Reports


Assessment of the ability of students to complete the program. Metrics include: time to graduation, annual retention rate, overall graduation rate, average GPA at graduation, and reasons for failure to complete. 

2014-2018 Baseline

Program Health Reports


Report listing the number of active students in the program, graduation figures, course enrollments generated vs. offered, and emphases offered & in development.

2008-2017 Baseline

Program Cost Reports


Departmental response to Annual DFTE Budget Report from UVU Budget Office, which factors teaching Integrated Studies faculty do for other units into the cost per DFTE calculation for a more accurate representation of program cost. 

2009-2010 to 2016-2017 Baseline
2018-2022 (Restructing)

Faculty Research Reports


Integrated Studies Faculty CVs. 

2019 Report

Annual Strategic Plans

5 Year Summary Reports


Program Review reports across a five year timeline. 

Integrated Studies Self Study 2010

Integrated Studies Self Study 2016

Additional Assessment Documents

Program research or key documentation that does not fit into the categories above or is not repeated on a regular basis. . 

Integrated Studies Founding Documentation

Overrides Analysis and Solutions

Effect of Emphases on Minors

Financial Aid Policy Impact 2017

2022 Course Syllabi

Fall 2023 Course Syllabi

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