Senior Thesis/Project

The Integrated Studies degree is a writing-intensive major that requires the completion of a senior thesis. This should be a challenging, rewarding process that allows you to explore an academic field of study that intersects with your two emphases. For example, if a student has Spanish and Communication emphases, they might write a thesis addressing how to market to the growing Latino population in the United States.

Above all, make your research and writing as enjoyable a process as possible!

Many of the capstone projects of our students are stored and saved within the offices of the Integrated Studies Department. If you would like to look through them, or are looking for a specific combination of emphases, we have created a senior thesis index to help you find them.



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Capstone I

During your Capstone I course your primary objective will be to create an approved proposal for your thesis or project. Part of this process includes formulating a thesis committee by finding faculty mentors from each of your discipline areas. These mentors will need to sign off on your thesis proposal.


Capstone II

Capstone II takes place as an independent study course with your Integrated Studies faculty mentor in collaboration with your thesis mentors from your disciplines. Once you have completed your thesis draft you’ll defend the thesis before a your faculty mentor committee.

Senior Thesis/Project Examples

Student Name Emphases/Minors of Student Student Thesis Title Thesis Type
Holly Slivkoff

Russian Studies & History

The Doukhobors: A Case Study of Sectarian and State Conflict in 19th Century Russia Written Thesis
Granite Ogborn Russian Studies & Business Management

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN POLITICAL TURBULENCE: An Analysis of Russia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem during Putin’s Pivot

Written Thesis
Tess Burton Philosophy & Business Management The Good, The Bad, and The Wealthy: an Analysis of the Flint Water Crisis Through the Eyes of Aristotle Written Thesis
Katie Mitchell Art History & Humanities Art in Mormonism: The Dulling Art Experiences in LDS Church Facilities  Written Thesis
Taylor Blair Social Science & Environmental Studies

Climate Refugees: Implications of Anthropogenic Climate Change

Written Thesis
Allen Hill Philosophy & English Sophia: A Curated Work in Progress Project
Court Huish Computer Networking & Business Management Keeping Small Businesses Secure: A Cybersecurity Study Written Thesis
Erin Barnett Sociology & Communication I Like to Help My Mother: Divine and Performative Femininity as Presented to LDS Children Written Thesis
E. Lee Winkleman French & Psychology  Understanding Internal Conflict to Promote External Peacebuilding: Applying Freudian Psychodynamic Theory to the Diplomatic Climate in the Northern Mali Conflict  Written Thesis
Joshua Beatty  History & Religious Studies Tequinehpanolli ica Tlaxcala: A Re-examination of the Spanish-Tlaxcalan Alliance During the Conquest of Mexico Written Thesis
Oakley Hill  Ethics & Peace and Justice Studies Calling All Communities: How Average U.S. Citizens Can Effectively Fight for the Planet Written Thesis
Amy Ebert  Photography & Psychology Photography: Giving a Voice to Those Who Don't Have One Project
Kendra Savage English & History "Whoopee Ti Yi Yo, Git Along, Little Dogies:" Tracing the Mythic and Ideological Formulations Which Create the Mythistory of the American Cowboy Written Thesis
Kira Buswell Communication & English Stuck: A Memoir of Grief Creative
A. Kathryn Chapman Psychology & History Why Mormons Leave: An Oral History Project Project
Hillary J. Young  ASL & Communication

The Implications of Social Media on Communication Within the d/Deaf Community

Written Thesis
Jessica Shuler Anthropology & Community Health Empowerment of Women and Health in Nepal Project
Michael Nuttal Biology & Business Management 

Increasing the Accuracy, Efficiency and Affordability of Dental Implants: A Process of Invention

Jacob Clawson Business Management & Anthropology

[Created] Clawson Business Consulting: A Business Anthropologist's Perspective Towards A Better Corporate World 


Tevita Netane Community Health & Business Management

Extra Mile Transport: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company [Business Plan]


Travis Low & Torben Bernhard Philosophy & Humanities

The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Life. . . in Sound [Film]


You can find more examples of recent senior theses in UVU's digital archive.

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