Senior Thesis

The Integrated Studies degree is a writing-intensive major that requires the completion of a senior thesis. This should be a challenging, rewarding process that allows you to explore an academic field of study that intersects with your two emphases. For example, if a student has Spanish and Communication emphases, they might write a thesis addressing how to market to the growing Latino population in the United States.

Above all, make your research and writing as enjoyable a process as possible!

Many of the capstone projects of our students are stored and saved within the offices of the Integrated Studies Department. If you would like to look through them, or are looking for a specific combination of emphases, we have created a senior thesis index to help you find them.

Senior Thesis Examples

Student Name Emphases of Student Student Thesis Title
Ruth Galvez Behavioral Science & Spanish Latino Youth: Finding Self-Actualization
Wendy Bulkley Business Management & Physical Education Recreation for All: Grant Proposal for Washington City Recreation
Kelly Stowell Business Management & Psychology The Little Salt Lake Valley Equestrian Village: A Community that Makes Horse Sense
Nathan Bigler Military Studies & Business The U.S. Army and Its Use of Business Management Theory
Allen Hill Philosophy & English Sophia: A Curated Work in Progress
Robbie Blair English & Psychology Creative Writing Guild
Ivan Warren Kirk Social Science & Behavioral Science Argentine Social and Immigration Patterns in Utah
Danny B. Stewart History and Social Science Cryptozoology is a legitimate scientific field worthy of the same level of attention and respect that any other science is allotted
Connie M. Richardson Biology and Environmental Studies Development in Rural Mexico: A Case Study of Tamaula, Mexico

You can find more examples of recent senior theses in UVU's digital archive.