Bianica Pereira, IT Alumnus - Computer Forensics 2016

L1 Technical Support Engineer Instructure

How has your degree from UVU helped you in your current position?

"My degree in IT has provided many tools to assist clients in a professional manner, display troubleshooting strategies, and provide timely solutions. Undertaking a number of team projects has strengthen the importance in working together to achieve a goal. Although my degree is in IT, almost always our courses required extensive write ups of our results. This has definitely allowed me to efficiently communicate through writing."

Industry view of UVU graduates

"I currently travel to SLC for work, so not many people are too familiar with UVU. However, I'm often asked how it is. I always say it's a GREAT school! Awesome professors! UVU really offers many courses and degrees within the IT department. And it is rapidly growing."

Advice for new students

"Take the opportunity to do internships at an early stage of your college career! I wish I would have taken advantage of this, but I was always too scared that I was not ready. Although I never did one, listening to my classmates' success stories was very encouraging. Also at times the workload may seem too much, but never EVER give up nor be afraid to ask for help. All my professors were willing to help and were timely about it."