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Information Systems combines business skills with Information Technology skills. Information Systems graduates are rooted in a strong business curriculum that is complimented by courses which focus on utilizing and creating information systems to solve business problems. This degree program prepares graduates to increase business agility and competitiveness through the application of information technology. Information Systems students gain a solid foundation in business and become computer-savvy through hands-on experience with the latest technologies.

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SkillsUSA Competitions

SkillsUSA has a total of seven contests

  1. Computer Programming
    Contestants demonstrate knowledge of computer programming, describe how programs and programming languages work and describe the purposes and practices of structured programming. The contest may include a computer programming problem consisting of background information and program specifications. An appropriate (successfully executable) computer program from design notes and instructions will be developed.
  2. Information Technology Services
    Contestants compete in modules designed to test their knowledge as an IT service professional. The contest will challenge contestants to correct end-user computing issues, configure and secure networks, manage virtual machines, navigate and modify Windows registry, deploy operating systems, leverage troubleshooting software and tools, identify virus and malware origins, work with mobile devices, and proficiently use command line interfaces. Additionally, contestants are evaluated on their interpersonal skills (such as communication, teamwork, and honesty). In the national contest, contestants take an official CompTIA A+ Certification exam, and receive their certification if they pass.
  3. Internetworking
    The contest focuses on testing the networking knowledge and hands-on ability of the competitors. The online written portion tests the student’s complete knowledge of internetworking concepts. The hands-on component demonstrates the abilities of the contestant to make cables, trouble shoot network systems, configure routers, switches and servers, and to deliver customer service in a technical assistant center environment. The contestants will find errors in WAN and LAN networks; do a full network configuration using routers, switches, and servers; talk a technician through an error they are having on their network; and take an online, certification type test. The national contest is based on the most current CCNA certification. In today’s job market system administration skills are needed, therefore server skills that will be scored include, but are not limited to: DNS, Active Directory, and DHCP. For more information including last-minute updates on the national competition, be sure to follow our Facebook page at:
  4. Technical Computer Applications
    Contestants will be expected to demonstrate installation, configuration and use of Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Professional Operating Systems and one or more integrated office suite packages including email, word processing, spreadsheet applications, database applications, web page development, money management applications, presentations applications, internet browser applications, etc. The use of Open source software such as OpenOffice will be preferable. Microsoft Office and other integrated office suites could be used. The utilization of instant messaging, collaboration and social networking software will be required during the contest. Contestants will be expected to perform in teams while demonstrating individual technical skills. The contest will include an oral presentation demonstrating the student’s ability to communicate with others, a hands-on skills demonstration, and a one-hour time allotted written examination.
  5. Telecommunication Cabling
    For students interested in voice and data network cabling and installation. Industry indicates that 80 percent of the problems in computer networks, security systems installations and others are caused by cabling issues not the computers, servers, switches, etc. This competition tests to worldwide industry standards related to cabling for data and voice connections, physical and logical networks and signal transmission. Contestants demonstrate skills in fiber and copper cable termination, pulling and mounting cable, patch panel installation and termination, installing jacks, cable testing and troubleshooting, and providing customer service. Both CAT 5/6e and fiber optics cable are represented. The contest stresses safety in all activities.
  6. Web Design (need a partner)
    Teams will complete a series of challenges focusing on website usability and accessibility, with at least one challenge related to scripting (client or server or both). Teams will also be evaluated on the process they use to meet the challenges and how well they work as a team. Teams may be interacting with a local server environment.
  7. Cyber Security (need a partner)
    The contest is defined by industry standards as determined from elements of the NIST Publication 800-181 Cyber Security Workforce Framework Categories include Securely Provision (SP), Operate and Maintain (OM), Protect and Defend (PR).



Utah SkillsUSA

March 24-25, 2022
Salt Lake Community College

National SkillsUSA

June 20-24, 2022
Atlanta, Georgia

Other Competitions

Adobe Analytics Challenge

The Adobe Analytics Challenge occurs each fall semester. It's a team competition that pits student website recommendations against each other. The teams are given real-world clients and real traffic data along with Adobe's Site Catalyst tool. Recommendations should maximize the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and be supported by the actual traffic data.

Please contact John Anderson if you are interested.

Cybersecurity Competitions

The Cybersecurity Club participates in several competitions each year.

Please contact C. Paul Morrey if you are interested.

IEEE - UVU Student Chapter

The Student Chapter is part of the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Just a few of the benefits student members receive are: free training, a free student magazine Potentials, free technical TV programs (web streamed), and free software.

The Utah Section of IEEE recently received the Best Section Award of Region 6 in the United States, serving more than 2,000 professionals in Utah. Each month there are many activities where engineers and technicians gather to socialize and discuss important developments in their disciplines.

The Computer Society of IEEE is one of the largest organizations within this international organization. The Computer Society publishes its own journals and magazines, many of them targeting specific disciplines within the computing arena. IT Professional magazine is one example. IEEE societies address specific interests of members within IEEE and often have their own discipline-specific events.

Experiential and Challenging Credits

The Information Systems and Technology Department does not offer experiential credit. However, students may take a “challenge exam” for nearly every course offered by the IS&T department. When a student desires to challenge a course, it is expected that the student already has knowledge of the course’s subject.

Challenge tests are available to students during Fall and Spring semesters and by faculty pre-approval during summer session.

For further information about challenge exams contact the department's Administrative Assistant, Cheryl Levi, at 801-863-8182.

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