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How We Help

Academic Tutoring focuses on helping students become independent learners. Our tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders work with students on problems and concepts with the ultimate goal of building a foundation of study skills that students can use as they move forward. UVU has good students; we help good students Study Smarter.

Whom We Help

Academic Tutoring serves UVU students and community members from various backgrounds and interests. Our services are always FREE; we just ask that you check-in so we know whom we are serving.

Why We Love What We Do

 "The tutors are amazing. They are knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly. They literally have given me the confidence that I can do these science classes, and do well. I am getting straight A's in 14 credits of heavy science courses, and honestly, it is all thanks to the tutors and this lab. ...I would recommend this lab to anyone, as it not only helps you get better grades, but gives you skills and confidence that most certainly translates into other areas of life."

                                                                                                                                     - Matt, UVU student



Tutor hours


Hours & Locations

Science & Health Lab: LA 201

Business Lab: WB 111

Technology and Computing Lab: CS 612

Pre-Engineering and DGM Lab: CS 726

Online Tutoring Lab: uvu.upswing.io

Visit our Locations and Hours page for more information




Academic Tutoring has a collection of handouts—in a variety of disciplines—that serve as quick reference sheets for some of the foundational information students need to master.



Schedule a Tutorial

Some of our tutors are available online. 

Visit uvu.upswing.io to see if a tutor is available.

Study Here


Study Here

Study in a place where you’re surrounded by students working as hard as you are. In the tutoring labs, you will find the resources you need to succeed, as well as classmates and professors to keep you going. Join with us! Just like smart climbers always use the buddy system, we too understand the importance of extra support. Don’t go it alone! Make sure you check-in and then let us know how we can help.