With the goal to obtain STUDENT SUCCESS at every level in the Mountainland region, Utah Valley University, Mountainland Technical College, area school districts, and charter schools have combined to create the UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance.


This educational alliance is chaired by the president of Utah Valley University, the president of MTECH, and a public school superintendent representative with the shared goal to include and help students progress at every level, in every school environment in the service region. The Alliance has established priorities for K-12, charter, technical, and college students to increase educational attainment in the Mountainland region.


The UVU/MTECH K-16 Alliance has continuing goals to measure its successful impact. These include:


  1. By the year 2025, 90 percent of third-grade students in the Alliance will achieve grade-level proficiency in literacy, as measured by nationally accepted assessments.
  2. Seventy-five percent of students entering Utah Valley University from the K-16 Alliance service region will be college math-ready.
  3. Create seamless transitions along the K-16 pathway through increased counselor communication, and by providing K-16 educational road maps.
  4. Establish and market a robust Career Pathways plan that includes stackable credentials, developed in coordination with business and industry.
  5. Ninety percent of graduating high school seniors will apply to at least one college or university, and 80 percent of graduating seniors will apply for some form of financial aid. (Establish a UVU/MTECH campus visit program with an emphasis on first-generation students.)


The Alliance sponsors an annual leadership summit for stakeholders throughout the state of Utah, a Counselor Conference for regional high school and junior high counselors, and a K-3 Literacy Summit for leaders within the Alliance. Additional initiatives include sponsoring opportunities for professional development, creating pathways, and developing stackable credentials that work seamlessly between each educational entity within the Alliance.