UVU Initiatives and Academics

President Astrid Tuminez| Provost Wayne Vaught

Vision 2030

UVU is an integrated university and community college. Through excellence in engaged teaching, supportive services, and scholarships, UVU educates every student for success in work and life. In our Vision 2030 plan, we outline three key strategies:

  • Strategy 1 - Enhance Student Success and Accelerate Completion of Meaningful Credentials
  • Strategy 2 - Improve Accessibility, Flexibility, and Affordability for All Current and Future UVU Students
  • Strategy 3 - Strengthen Partnerships for Community, Workforce, and Economic Development

UVU’s Vision 2030 synergistically aligns with the work of the K-16 Alliance. UVU is committed to working with technical colleges and K-12 partners to continuously implement these strategies in a responsive and collaborative way.