Minor in Chinese Studies 

Currently, UVU offers a minor in Chinese Studies. 
The degree requirements for this program are listed below. 

Matriculation Requirements

Completion of 30 hours of credit at UVU. Admittance into a B.S. or B.A. program.

Discipline Core Requirements: -- Credits: 7.0

CHST 200G Introduction to Chinese Studies (3.0)

CHIN 2010 Intermediate Chinese I (4.0)

Elective Requirements: -- Credits: 15.0

In addition to the 7 credit core requirement,
students must complete 15 hours of advisor-approved upper division electives from the following:

CHIN 202G Intermediate Chinese II (4.0)

CHIN 3510 Chinese Culture and Civilization (3.0)

CHST 362G Traditional Chinese History (3.0)

CHST 363G Modern Chinese History (3.0)

CHST 373G Classical Chinese Literature (3.0)

CHST 375G Modern Chinese Literature (3.0)

CHST 416G Chinese Culture and Film (3.0)

HIST 3610 The Modern History of East Asia (3.0)

POLS 3600 International Relations of East Asia (3.0)

Other advisor-approved electives may also be applied.