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Wolverine Stories Unveiled: Degrees to Anywhere

  • From UVU to Oxford, defying odds, studying politics, conducting groundbreaking research, and international presentations—an amazing journey awaits you at UVU!

    Foxes, still the best

    Kiana McAllister

    Political Science

  • ROTC at UVU taught me resilience. Now, aspiring for law school and adoption law, I urge UVU students: love all, serve all, and unleash your potential.

    Hope Nelson

    Hope Nelson

    Family Science

  • As a 33-year-old freshman, overcoming health issues, UVU became my refuge. Discovering my passion in creative writing, I'm now published and thriving. UVU embraces unique stories. Come as you are; UVU awaits your journey.

    Thomas Parry

    Thomas Parry


  • As an Amazon best-selling author, UVU's collaborative classes, real-world PR, and invaluable skills shaped me. Get involved, make connections, and savor every UVU moment—it's worth enjoying!

    Aaron Hall

    Aaron Hall


  • As a first-gen college student, UVU's support empowers me. As an ASL major and UVUSA senator, I value diversity. Embrace opportunities and find your unique place at UVU—it's for everyone.

    Alondra Sanchez

    Alondra Sanchez

    ASL & Deaf Studies

  • As a 3rd-year law student at USC, my UVU Philosophy degree has been pivotal in shaping my academic and professional journey, highlighting the enduring impact of UVU.

    Courtney Whittier

    Courtney Whittier


  • WAC triumph, psychology grad, now pursuing an MBA—my UVU journey blended academic and athletic success. Enjoy the Wolverine, experience and be proud to be here.

    Kazna Tarawhiti Tanuvasa

    Kazna Tarawhiti Tanuvasa


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Unlock your potential at UVU, where greatness comes in all sizes! Explore Certificate Programs (18-21 credits), Associate Degrees (60+ credits), and Bachelor Degrees (120+ credits). Enrich your Bachelor's journey with our 39 unique minors, where every credit contributes to your future!

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Maximize your college experience with expert guidance! Our advisors ensure personalized support, fostering academic success, clarity, and a smoother path to graduation for all students.

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As a college advisor, I love helping students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. I’m passionate about guiding students through their academic journey, from course selection to career planning. Let’s work together to make your college experience a success!

– Nathalie Shelley

Academic Advisor,
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Advisor Natalie Shelley


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English & Literature

Immerse yourself in the power of language and textual analysis. Uncover diverse perspectives and refine your critical and creative writing skills.

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History & Political Science

Explore the complexities of the past and present, analyzing political systems, social movements, and historical events to gain a deeper understanding of society.

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Philosophy & Humanities

Embark on a journey of intellectual exploration, broaden your perspective, question the fundamental nature of existence and the values that guide human life.

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Behavioral Science

Study the mind to discover the complexities of human behavior, society, and social interaction that drive human actions and decisions that shape our world.

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Master the art of strategic communication, crafting powerful messages, and meaningful personal and organizational connections.

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Languages & Cultures

Immerse yourself in diverse global traditions and enhance your cross-cultural communication skills opening doors of opportunity to new worlds and perspectives.

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Literature & Composition

Broadens students' college literacy, and explores diverse writing, reading, persuasion, and research. Builds on foundational literacy, critical thinking, and rhetorical awareness concepts, emphasizing rhetorical writing, multiple literacies, and writing as a composition of ideas.

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English Language Learning

UVU's intensive English program aids non-native English speakers in mastering academic English at the university level. Diverse faculty and coursework offer exceptional academic and social opportunities.

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Dean's Message

Do you have a passion for people? Do you want to study abroad, learn a new language, write the next top selling novel, or learn how to communicate with others? Then, you belong here!

Come and be a part of our dynamic and diverse community of students. Enhance your educational experience through engaged learning opportunities. Whether it is in the language lab, studying in Peru, or presenting to the United Nations, we are the place for you to grow your education into your dream job.

I look forward to seeing you take advantage of all the opportunities studying the humanities and social sciences can provide.

Stephen Clark
Dean, College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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