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Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Languages and Cultures at Utah Valley University is to prepare students to interact effectively in a global community by acquiring competent communicative skills, and developing sensitivity toward cultural differences. By engaging with linguistic and cultural artifacts such as history, literature, and contemporary social structures and systems, language and culture students learn to think critically and behave ethically as they mature in linguistic and cultural literacy. This department prepares students to enter the global work force, further graduate studies and enjoy lifelong enrichment.


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Experiential Credit Purchasing

Students who have gained facility in a language outside of the university setting may be eligible to purchase credit for language classes. Anyone interested should contact the department's academic advisors.

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Language Placement

Students with some degree of fluency in a language UVU offers should contact the department’s academic advisors to learn how to determine which class(es) they should take.

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Language Lab

The Language Lab is located in LA 003G. The lab provides both online and face-to-face tutoring as well as additional resources to help students attain proficiency.

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Study Abroad

Opportunities to put language skills and cultural knowledge to work in the context of another culture make study abroad and domestic multicultural experiences some of the most impactful educational experiences available to students. These experiences provide valuable lifelong benefits, including networking connections, resume builders, grad school application boosts, and much more.

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Upcoming Events

The Department of Languages and Cultures aims to providing engaging experiences beyond the classroom. Stay up to date on opportunities to gain valuable experiences and to create invaluable connections through these opportunities.

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Tanner Tremea

Utah Valley University has given me all of the options and resources that I needed to become successful. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, under the department of Languages and Cultures, I received the opportunity to help others as a student tutor of American Sign Language. This allowed me to refine my own skills and knowledge of a language that I love most! We have a special faculty here in the department of Languages and Cultures. To my surprise, upon graduation, I was asked to be an Adjunct Teacher for American Sign Language. No matter what your ambitions, goals, and dreams are, the department of Languages and Cultures is ready to help you achieve them!

- Tanner Tremea


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