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Welcome to the Department of Language and Cultures. Our programs and courses offer many opportunities for undergraduate study in one of eight languages. our department consists of approximately 82 full-time instructors (full- and part-time, 2 office admins, 2 advisors.  We currently offer 5 majors and 8 minors. Our language Lab has 14 tutors to help in all eight languages.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the Department of Languages and Cultures at Utah Valley University is to prepare students to interact effectively in a global community by acquiring competent communicative skills, and developing sensitivity toward cultural diversity. By engaging with linguistic and cultural artifacts such as history, literature, and contemporary social structure and systems, language and culture students learn to think critically and behave ethically as they mature in linguistic proficiency and cultural literacy. This department prepares students to enter the global work force, to pursue graduate studies and to enjoy lifelong enrichment.


Already have language experience? Earn credit and apply for experiential credit for classes you skipped.

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  • "Practice makes perfect"-An ancient adage, but it is as true as ever. A language comes through lots and lots of practice. Use it in your daily life - take advantage of our wonderful tutors in our language lab.
  • Don't be embarrassed - Many people are reluctant to practice because they feel shy or are anxious about making mistakes. People will not mock you if you make an error - they will be pleased and impressed at your ability, however limited.
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience- If approached like a dull task, your study will not be effective and your motivation will weaken.
  • Customize your learning experience- Experiment until you find what works for you and your daily routine.
  • Use your language regularly- Failing to us it regularly can make it sluggish and rusty.
  • Be realistic- Set clear and realistic targets to learn.
  • New thinking- Learning a language also entails learning to understand other ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Immerse yourself- Expose yourself to target language as much as possible. Become a member of a language club and socialize.
  • Savor the culture- through books, music, films, audiobooks, etc.
  • Get a pen pal- enhance your skills and learn about local society & culture.


Happy Holidays from all of the Faculty and Staff of the Department of Languages and Cultures!


Spring Semester Begins January 8, 2018

Classes begin January 8th for the Spring 2018 semester.  We look forward to seeing you back again for your next classes and meeting all of our new students entering our department to learn a new language or work on perfecting a language they speak but will now learn so much more about in our various classes.  Please contact our Admins in the Languages office if you have any questions.  Our Academic Advisors, Kyle and Sarah, are ready to help you prepare your schedules for the next several semesters to achieve your goals.