German Degrees

Minor in German

Pair German with an additional language of your choosing! This minor can be earned in conjunction with any Bachelor degree major that UVU offers.

Bachelor of Arts or Science in Integrated Studies; Emphasis in German

You can use German as one of two areas of emphasis in the Integrated Studies Bachelor degree. To do this, you pair German with another area of interest to build a customized program of study. You complete 18 hours of upper-division coursework in German, 18 hours of your second emphasis and 15 hours of Integrated Studies courses. For more information on the degree, contact either the Integrated Studies office of the Language advisor.

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German is not as hard as Mark Twain said over a hundred years ago! It is actually very similar to English, since both are related Germanic languages. Today, knowing German is highly important for succeeding in the global marketplace. Over 700 American companies do business in Germany, around 600 German companies do business in the US, and German is one of the official languages of the European Union.

Germany is the leading economic power of the European Union, and you can use your German for travel in most of the EU countries. German is spoken in Germany, Austria, in parts of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and even in some areas of northern Italy. German is the third most popular foreign language studied in the US, and 25% of all US- Americans claim German ancestry - an important part of this country's cultural heritage.

Knowing German is of particular importance not only in the fields of business and economics, but also in the context of the humanities (literature, philosophy, social sciences, history) and the arts (especially classical music, architecture, visual arts, graphic design) - and any scientist will confirm that knowing German is important in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

The German program at UVU uses motivating materials, has a user-friendly multimedia program which is integrated with the textbook, and its native speaker instructors provide enthusiastic, friendly, and competent insight into how to learn the German language and its culture easily .and comprehensively.

For any questions concerning German at UVU see the contact information below and/or browse the provided links on Germany, learning German, travel in German, internship and work/study abroad opportunities, and how to make the most of learning German in the US.

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