Where to start:

What majors are compatible with a minor in Latin American Studies?

A minor in LAS is a wonderful complement to a variety of majors at UVU. Pairing your minor in LAS with a major is limited only by your imagination. Some options include History, Political Science, Spanish, Spanish Education, English, English Education, a minor in Portuguese, Biology, Economics, Sociology, Behavioral Science, Psychology, Music, Art, Business, Dance, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, Dental Hygiene, and Computer Science.

What professional opportunities are possible with a minor in Latin American Studies?

There are many domestic and international professional opportunities available to you with a minor in LAS, including diplomatic service, employment with non-governmental organizations, graduate study in a variety of fields, political or legislative consulting or lobbying, public and private education (K-12), law, medicine, translation and interpretation, journalism, engineering, agriculture, law enforcement and the judicial system, human resources, information systems, etc.

How do I declare Latin American Studies as my minor?

You can declare the LAS minor while meeting with your advisor in the Department of Languages and Cultures. Your advisor will make this change to your university records. 

Can I get credit for courses that satisfy LAS requirements as well as other major, minor, or General Education requirements?

For questions regarding credits and transfer units the answer is—it depends. It is quite possible credits can count toward more than one major or minor, especially in upper-division electives. Typically, there is also some overlap between many of our minor degree courses and other major and/or GE requirements. To be sure, however, you should speak with your advisor.

Will transfer units from another college or university apply to my minor?

Transfer credits are considered individually and carefully assessed on a case-by-case basis before a decision is made. 

Where can I find answers to other advising questions?

You can schedule a meeting with Kaye Fugal ([email protected]), the advisor for the Department of Languages and Cultures, or with your primary advisor in your major. While all good advisors offer general support, they offer unique suggestions and guidance relating to specific majors or minors within the departments they represent. 

Am I required to do a study abroad for this minor?

None of our current degrees require study abroad, although when one is possible it is a great opportunity to take advantage of. We currently offer Languages Study Abroad to Spain, Peru, and Brazil. You can find out more information by going to UVU's Study Abroad page.  
I am a native speaker/returned missionary. Can I take SPAN202G or PORT202G?

No, you will have to take a higher levels, such as SPAN3050 or PORT3050.

I am already taking classes to minor in Spanish/Portuguese, can I use these credits to graduate with the LAS minor?
No, you can’t. You either minor in Spanish/Portuguese or LAS but not both. However, if your major is in Spanish, you can have a minor in LAS, which is highly recommended.