Why Portuguese?

Someone Speaks

Because you probably know someone that speaks it. About 230 million people are native speakers and 260 million total speak Portuguese. Among the languages that use our alphabet, it’s the third most spoken in the world and on the internet. Utah has many connections with Brazil, as well as California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York. UVU has the second biggest Portuguese program in the state, and the 14th biggest in the USA.

Good Plan

Because it’s a good plan. Portuguese is a great language for business and leisure: it can take you to Latin America, Europe, Africa, and even Asia. When it’s time for hire and fire, speaking Portuguese may secure your job, given Brazil's role in the global economy.

Love For

Because of your love for music, art & literature. Great works come from Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, Angola and other Portuguese speaking countries, and have influenced the world. Think of Oscar Niemeyer’s architect, Tom Jobim’s Bossa Nova, Tarsila do Amaral’s and Paula Rego’s paintings or Saramago’s and Mia Couto’s novels.

Meet People

Because you want to meet new people and places. Brazilians have been considered one of the coolest people on the planet, Portugal has great castles and the best beaches in Europe, and the landscapes of Cape Verde, Angola and Brazil are just magnificent!