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Utah Valley University is now Utah’s largest public university, and as the University grows, so does the Ira A. and Mary Lou Fulton Library’s responsibility to provide students and faculty with the information, services, and study space necessary to achieve their academic goals.

With your support, the library will continue to be a dynamic, relevant learning resource in the years to come as it plays a vital role in creating generations of well-informed citizens and lifelong learners.

Ways to support the mission of the UVU Fulton Library

UVU Fulton Library Scholarship Fund
The Fulton Library is one of the largest employers of students at UVU. Help support these hardworking student employees by giving to the Fulton Library Scholarship Fund.
UVU Fulton Library Fund

Your gift to the Fulton Library provides essential services and technology for UVU students. Your support will assist students with

  • Textbooks on reserve–for students who are unable to purchase course text books, the Fulton Library is able to provide a limited amount for students to check out for a few hours at a time. Donations help us to purchase newly added books each semester.
  • Equipment checkout–for students who do not have access to equipment or study aides they will need for class or class projects. Student are able to check out equipment such as accounting calculators, anatomy models, multimedia, or movie making equipment for use. Donations help us to purchase and upkeep these ever changing yet important resources for students to use for study and student projects.
  • Improving collaborative study space. Donations are used to help upgrade the student study rooms and study areas to ensure students have the most up to date technology available to them while studying. For group study space, funds are used to ensure the furniture and equipment housed in the rooms are in proper order.
Sutherland Archives The Fulton Library’s Sutherland Archives will consider donations of materials that support the current collection scope, such as UVU history or key local history.
Collections The UVU Fulton Library selectively accepts gifts and other contributions for the development of collections. The library may accept books, journals, or media that fulfill the collection development philosophy to support the UVU curriculum.

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