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Thank you for the suggestion! The Library values every request and will evaluate each to determine which meet the collection development protocols as well as supports UVU's academic curriculum. Items meeting these criteria will be purchased as funding allows.

Requests requiring an ongoing commitment (i.e., journals or databases) will be considered through the following process:

Selection Criteria

Items that are selected for an ongoing commitment by the library must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Information is indexed by a major vendor that the library currently uses.
  • The resource will meet a specific need for a department to support the curriculum or to meet published accreditation standards.
  • The subjects covered are not significantly duplicated in other resources the library is currently purchasing.


The following timeline will be used for ongoing resources to be included in the library’s next PBA request (if the item is a high priority):

  • February 1 – Submitting resources for the next PBA will close
  • April 1 – Trials will be concluded for the selection process
  • July 1 – Individual resource rating will be concluded after discussions between select library personnel and identified department chairs.
  • August 1 – The library will conclude the internal ranking process, the PBA requests will be finalized, and the appropriate department chairs will be notified on the rankings.

For equipment suggestions, please fill out our Equipment Suggestions form.

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