Frosting / Window Treatment Standards


  • Exterior window: Any window that exists on the outer wall of a building.
  • Interior window: Any window that opens into a common area or another area inside a building.
  • Office: An enclosed room being used as office space for full-time or part-time staff.
  • Classroom: A room being used to teach students.
  • Lab: A room being used to teach students.
  • Study room: A room that students can utilize for studying.
  • Conference room: An enclosed room used by faculty, staff or students for meetings.
  • Reception area: An area used to greet students or campus guest, provide information, and guide foot traffic.
  • Store front: A large bank of windows installed to provide visual access to a room or space on campus.

Frosted office wall


Blind colors and materials may vary per building but must be standard for each building. Blind specs are documented by the Facilities Department. Any other window treatment or covering must be approved through the Space and Infrastructure Committee.

New areas would be allowed to choose between the building blinds or window frosting. Window frosting may be applied to interior windows, office windows, conference rooms, study or lab rooms that only have interior windows. If frosting is used in these situations, it must have University Marketing’s approval to ensure compliance with campus standards.

Small interior windows may be covered to match the standard per each building. For example, windows in a row that have blinds would be required to cover the window with blinds.

All rooms require visual access. Office windows may be covered with blinds or frosting. If frosting is used, it can be applied off the floor to a maximum height of 84” when aesthetics requires this option. Door windows shall not be covered—no exceptions–for the safety of our students, employees and visitors.

No frosting shall be allowed on exterior windows. Exterior windows may be covered with the campus-standard blinds.

Reception windows must remain clear and open. Any exceptions must go through the approval of University Marketing to meet campus standards.

Conference room windows, if covered, shall be covered in accordance with University and each building standard and allow passersby the ability to view into a room when needed. Interior conference rooms with glass may be covered, subject to University Marketing approval based upon the following criteria:

  • A portion of the glass within the conference room is used for a “white board”.
  • Frosting or a window graphic is to be used to help provide privacy when necessary to job function or minimize the distraction of passersby.
  • Window graphics must be related to the mission of UVU and appropriately build the University’s brand.