Social Media

Clear communication through social media channels can be a powerful way to reach and engage with an audience. Use these resources to organize, align, and clarify your social media platforms, content, and strategy to best represent Utah Valley University online.

Social Media Administration

Only a trained content manager may create a UVU social media account upon approval from the Senior Director of Web and Social Strategy and the help of the Social Media Manager.

Want to create a social media profile? Schedule a consultation with our Social Media Manager, who will walk you through each required aspect that goes into managing a social media page for UVU.

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Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media oftentimes is a pay-to-play environment. To get the best reach, impressions, or views of your content, a little bit of money can go a long way. We can guide you through each aspect of a paid social media campaign to help you optimize and maximize your content and results.

Social Media Branding

We provide the basic elements you’ll need to help your social media profile stand above the crowd. All social media icons, photos, and profile images need to accurately reflect UVU’s brand and can be downloaded from UVU’s Branding and Logos and University Web Style Guide.

Social Media Community Guidelines

There’s a place for you on UVU’s social media. That means, of course, there’s NOT a place for posts that violate laws about treating each other with decency. Harassment, threats of violence, violations of privacy, encouraging others to engage in illegal activities, obscene content, or substantially disruptive are not welcome. That material will be removed, and users who can’t seem to abide by these standards will be blocked. This page is about building our UVU community and providing a space to engage with each other positively. Comments should be about that too. By engaging on this account, you are agreeing to follow these standards. Thanks for understanding and welcome to our UVU community!