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Applications for Fall 2024 & Spring 2025
are Currently Open

Fall 2024 Application Closes: Aug 1, 2024

Spring 2025 Application Closes: Dec 1, 2024

The MCS uses a rolling admissions process where outstanding candidates can be admitted before the deadline. Candidates are encouraged to enroll early rather than later as once we have filled our enrollment cap the admission process will stop.

Please note: We are not accepting applications from international students at this time.

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At the info session, you will learn about our program from current faculty and staff, including details about class dates and times, application deadlines, and prerequisite requirements.

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The MCS Degree

UVU's Master of Computer Science has been developed as a part-time program to allow working professionals to continue working full-time while completing their degree.

Graduate students are required to complete a graduate project, rather than a theoretical or research-based thesis often associated with a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS).

While theory and research are always a part of a graduate degree, they are not the focus of the UVU MCS.

We also offer a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence for those who are interested.

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Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

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The MCS requires students to complete 30 hours of course work beyond their undergraduate degree to gain additional breadth and depth.

To graduate, students will complete a Graduate Project  where they design and develop a large complex project from inception to completion. 

If you are interested in the MCS and do not have a related bachelor's degree or industry experience, please contact Julie Marr at [email protected] for information about prerequisites and whether this program is a good fit.

In such cases a student can be conditionally admitted while they complete an individualized leveling plan designed to bring their skills up to the required level to enter the MCS.

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Benefits of a Master Degree in Utah

The Brookings Institution and The New Yorker magazine have identified Utah Valley as one of the hubs of this nation's high-tech industry.

The United States Department of Labor, the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the Economic Development and Employer Planning System organization, and Burning Glass Technologies all indicate Computer Science is one of the highest growth areas in the high-tech sector, and a significant number of the jobs in this sector require advanced degrees beyond the undergraduate level.

Utah Valley University is posed to supply the bulk of the workforce to this high-tech industry with the College of Engineering and Technology offering degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Information Systems.

The UVU Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree is for those students who wish to take their mastery of computer science to the next level by providing additional depth and breadth to their education.

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Here's why you should study at UVU and get a Master of Computer Science Degree

"Originally, I didn’t want to do a master’s program because I felt like there is a gap in what is taught in masters programs and what is used in the industry. As I learned more about UVU’s project-based program I felt like they focus on practical implementation by having you create something of substance. Working for Oracle, who is the world leader in databases, has given me an appreciation for databases. I thought I understood them, but this program has showed me just how much more there is to understand. That’s why I chose building a RDBMS from scratch as my project. All the world's data is stored in databases and Information is worthless if you can’t store it and effectively access it. I want to be part of the group that is making sure that we have better and more secure storage systems for this information. The MCS will not only make you more effective at your job; but if there is something that you were passionate about in undergrad the MCS will give you the opportunity to explore that topic more in depth. It will also further your understanding of where the future of technology is headed."

Joseph Ssempala- Recent Graduate
Picture of MCS graduate and family
Picture of MCS graduate and family

"I currently work as a software engineer for Microsoft. UVU’s MCS has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Having just graduated with my BS in computer science I had the wonderful opportunity to work and collaborate with developers happy to share their advanced experience with me. The insight and experience I’ve learned from this program have been amazing. The Algorithms, Advanced Mathematics, and Machine learning classes let me explore the fascinating realm of what computers are capable of and have prepared me for creating a program for facilitating the development of Reinforcement learning agents. "

Corey Wardell - Recent Graduate

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Prospective students can schedule an appointment with Julie Marr, CET Graduate Advisor, 

by scheduling an appointment here:

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