Congratulations to our 2022 Graduates!

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The MFT program extends greatest congratulations to the 2022 graduating cohort.  We are grateful to everyone who made this event such a successful celebration.

2022 MFT Hooding Ceremony Program

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UVU MFT Alumni Spotlight

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Hayden L. Gillies is a Licensed Associate MFT in Utah. Hayden graduated from the UVU MFT program in May 2021. He currently works for Sandstone Psychology in Payson where he serves as the Director of the Evening Training Clinic and Graduate Programs Liaison. Hayden is developing specializations in working with couples, clients with a history of trauma, and LGBTQ+ populations.

Hayden was part of the first cohort of MFT students at UVU. As an undergraduate student at UVU, Hayden was a Family Science major and throughout his classes, he developed an interest in MFT. His interest in therapy initially began after a painful loss in his life caused him to seek therapy. As a client, he had both helpful and unhelpful experiences with therapy, but after working with a helpful therapist, Hayden decided that he wanted to help others in a similar way.

In the program, Hayden describes his experience as "incredible. I felt lucky and blessed." One of the best parts of the program, from Hayden's perspective, was that as a cohort they were invested in each other's lives. That investment meant that he didn't feel alone in the program and resulted in what he called "unbelievable support." Hayden said that his cohort had a huge impact on his life and he misses them now that they have graduated.

Another positive aspect of the program was the faculty, all of whom he said had an impact on his clinical and personal growth. He shared that during a difficult time one of his practicum instructors (Dr. Spencer) went out of his way to tell him that his personal life and challenges mattered. That conversation helped Hayden develop a plan to be healthier and more balanced in his approach to life in and out of the program. Hayden shared that being seen and valued as a person, not just a student, was meaningful to him.

Five years from now, Hayden plans to be fully licensed and qualified as a supervisor so that he can train, guide, and help future MFT students. His advice to students in the program and those with interest in the program is this: "The way to get the most out of supervision is to make it as personal as you can. Supervision should be a place where you can be vulnerable and feel safe to work on self-of-the-therapist questions and challenges. To become competent and confident, you must be able to be vulnerable. Supervision without that is limited."

Hayden loves to perform. He has a solo performance as John the Beloved in the Lamb of God on March 25-26. Congratulations to Hayden, who passed the national licensing exam this summer!

Local Events

We have an opportunity to advocate for more comprehensive and equitable insurance coverage for the treatment of mental health diagnoses and addictions. Several bills before Congress are designed to strengthen and enforce the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act.

The Partnership to End Addiction website allows you to send a letter to your Senators and Representative.  We encourage you to read about these bills and to send a letter if you support these initiatives.


Oct 20 - 21st UAMFT Fall 2022 Conference

Save the Date:  March 3, 2023 - UVU Conference on Addiction