The on-line program provides courses in leadership development, nursing informatics, nursing theory, nursing research, nursing in health systems and policy, roles and collaboration in nursing education, curriculum design and development, teaching nursing in the classroom setting, evaluation of learning outcomes, teaching nursing in the clinical setting, synthesis of teaching practice, and concludes with a project or thesis.


Upon completion of the MSN program, the student should be able to:

  • Facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of health policy and healthcare delivery.
  • Critically evaluate research and evidence applying standards of reliability and validity.
  • Apply research and evidence with appropriate discrimination and discernment.
  • Gather, evaluate, and utilize evidence for the improvement of patient outcomes.
  • Function as a leader in the professional healthcare team.
  • Function as a change agent at the point of care and within the healthcare system.
  • Develop and implement programs to achieve educational outcomes based on learners’ needs.
  • Create products that advance the science of nursing at the point of care in healthcare delivery, nursing education, or safety and quality practices.
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Please note: In order to maximize student learning and enrollment numbers, courses are taught only Spring or Fall (not both). Students who start in the Spring will begin with 2nd semester courses then take 1st semester courses the next Fall. That is why 2nd and 3rd semesters are both taught in Spring. It does not mean that students will need to “skip” a semester to progress in the program. Some students may take semesters 1,2,4,3. Others may take 2,1,3,4. Students may attend full- or part-time.

Course Schedule

Course Number Course Title Credits
NURS 6000 Leadership Development 2
NURS 6050 Nursing Informatics 2
NURS 6200 Advanced Nursing Theory 2
NURS 6250 Advanced Nursing Research 3
Total semester one credits: 9
NURS 6300 Advanced Nursing in Health Systems and Policy 2
NURS 6350 Advanced Nursing Patho/Pharm 3
NURS 6600 Teaching Nursing in the Classroom Settings 2
NURS 6605 Teaching Nursing in the Classroom Settings Practicum 2
NURS 699R Thesis/Project 0-1
Total semester two credits: 9-10
NURS 6500 Curriculum Design and Development 3
NURS 6650 Teaching Nursing In the Clinical Settings 2
NURS 6655 Teaching Nursing in the Clinical Settings Practicum 2
NURS 699R Thesis/Project 1
Total semester three credits: 8
NURS 6700 Evaluation of Learning Outcomes 3
NURS 6450 Advanced Nursing Assessment 3
NURS 6795 Synthesis of Teaching Practice Practicum 1
NURS 699R Project/Thesis 1-4
Total semester four credits: 8-10