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For questions generally related to: Program Prerequisites, Recommended Preparation for the MSW Program, MSW Application, Academic Holds, Registration, and Degree Completion.

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For questions generally related to: Program planning, MSW events, community partnerships, field education, and general MSW information.

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General FAQs

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What is the cost of tuition?

Please refer to UVU tuition.

Is the program online?

UVU MSW is a hybrid program. Students are required to attend courses once per week while completing the rest of their class materials online.

Do you offer a part-time program?

At this time we offer Two-Year and Advanced Standing  program options. Both are full-time.

When are classes offered in-person?

Currently in-person sections of courses are offered on Fridays.

Does the MSW program have specific emphases?

Our MSW program is considered an advanced generalist program. We offer a variety of electives and practicums that can help you build your education toward your interests and career opportunities in Social Work.

What if I attended college and graduated in another country?

International students are encouraged to apply. Transfer degrees and credits will be determined by UVU in accordance with international admissions policy.

Can I take MSW courses as a non-matriculated student?

Only individuals who have formally been admitted may take MSW courses. 

Admissions FAQs

What does an applicant's GPA have to be?

Our application specifies a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Applicants below a 3.0 can have their last 60 credits of undergraduate course work considered in place of a cumulative GPA.

What if I am missing prerequisites?

Intro to Social Work (SW 1010) must be completed or in progress before applying. The program will accept applications missing statistics and research methods contingent on courses being completed by the end of spring semester prior to the program start date.

How do I take prerequisites at UVU?

Apply as a non-degree seeking student. Please DO NOT list your major as Social Work when applying to UVU to take prerequisites. Contact the MSW Advisor for registration assistance.

Does UVU offer Social Work 1010 online?

 UVU offers Social Work 1010 online during fall and spring semesters during both summer blocks.

Do you require the GRE?

No, our MSW program does not require the GRE.

What if my bachelor's degree is over 10 years old?

Prospective students for the Advanced Standing program must have obtained their BSW degree within 10 years of applying to the UVU MSW. There is no time limit for bachelor's degrees when applying to the Two-Year program.

What makes a strong applicant?

In addition to being capable of completing graduate level work, applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to and understanding of the social work discipline are generally more successful in the MSW program.

What work or volunteer service should applicants have?

Any experience in the human or social services is considered.

I served an LDS mission, does that count as relevant volunteer experience?

Volunteer and professional experiences, religious or secular, that directly translate into the practice of social work are weighted more heavily than volunteer experiences that do not.

How will I be notified of the admission committee's decision regarding my completed application?

All applicants will receive an email notification (via the email address provided in your application) from the UVU MSW program.

Post Matriculation FAQs

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Does UVU have resources for Veterans?

Please refer to the Veteran Success Center.

Is there a capstone project for the MSW Program?

Yes, this entails a project in lieu of a thesis. Students begin developing their portfolio from the beginning of their MSW program.

Are internships paid?

The majority of MSW practicum placements offer students compensation.

Does the program offer assistantships?

At this time the MSW program does not offer graduate assistantships.

How do students get placed in their internships?

Students select an agency from a list of approved locations. Students will have the opportunity to learn about their options during the MSW Field Fair. Students are supported throughout the process by UVU MSW Field Education staff.