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Program Introduction

Earn your Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene and pave the way for a rewarding and intellectually stimulating career. As a graduate, you'll expand and refine your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, applying your knowledge and expertise to everyday dental practice and career development. You'll be well-prepared to identify and adapt to future changes in the dental profession, developing effective strategies for success. Moreover, you'll gain the ability to discuss contemporary and future issues in oral healthcare delivery, encompassing cultural, economic, and societal factors. Your education will also empower you to understand and apply learning and developmental theories to educate patients and the broader community.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Our Dental Hygiene graduates are equipped with advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills crucial in the field.
  • Future-Ready: You'll be prepared to recognize and adapt to changes in the dental profession and formulate effective strategies for success.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Gain an understanding of major issues in oral healthcare delivery, considering cultural, economic, and societal factors.
  • Patient and Community Education: Learn to apply learning and developmental theories to educate patients and the broader community, making a lasting impact.

What is My Tuition?

UVU Online provides incredible value wherever you are!

Out-of-state: Non-resident students living outside of Utah who are enrolled in a fully online certificate, associate, and bachelor program pay a flat rate of $270 per credit hour.** International students do not qualify for the $270 per credit hour flat rate.

In-state: A student residing in the state of Utah pays UVU's tuition and fees.*

Financial Aid & Scholarships You may qualify for federal grants and loans by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Additionally, more than 250 scholarship options are available!*

*Refer to UVU tuition tables for resident and non-resident tuition and fees.

**Flat rate for non-residents living outside Utah. Excludes Aviation and Emergency Services.

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