Our Aim

UVU Online is a department housed in the Academic Affairs Division that reports to the Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment. Under the direction of its Director, UVU Online is responsible for expanding and supporting the range of high-quality online educational options offered by Utah Valley University. Ultimately, the staff associated with UVU Online aim to ensure that students who choose to study online have an exceptional experience throughout their academic journey from the initial prospecting phase to the successful completion of their studies.

Our work is performed by two collaborative teams


The Online Program Management Team [OPM Team] assists academic units in expanding into the online learning space by supporting program leadership teams in online program development, data and reporting, and enrollment management strategies. We ensure UVU meets the needs of online and flexible students by identifying gaps in online program development and online course scheduling. Our primary objective is to develop a comprehensive and flexible learning environment that meets the needs of UVU's students and supports academic units.



The Learner Experience Team partners with stakeholders across the university to implement programming that provides personalized support to online students, assisting in the development of resources that help online students successfully navigate the university environment. Our primary objective is to facilitate a learner-centric, exceptional service experience for fully online students.

UVU Online & Vision 2030:

As a part of UVU's Vision 2030 Plan, in addition to providing flexible course options, UVU will comprehensively deliver online programs. To advance this initiative, UVU Online is focused on the following objectives:

  • Promote quality certified online courses and programs.
  • Promote an exceptional student experience for online learners.
  • Leverage existing UVU technology, processes, and systems to make quality online education accessible and attainable.

Comprehensively delivered online programs will help UVU meet the expectations and needs of online learners. The comprehensive delivery of online programs helps us identify, develop, and deliver a unique value proposition in the online marketplace while preserving our identity as an institution that provides exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results. 

Meet the team

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